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Hamas “Final Solution” for Israel – No Different Than Nazism


Hitler hated Christians (contrary to the leftist contention that he was one) and sought to make Nazism itself the “state religion,” so Christian collateral damage was no great loss.

“The krauts are holed up in the convent in the next town down the road, Sarge…”


Amin al-Husseini and Hitler in Berlin in 1941

If you’re old enough – or just a World War II classic film fan – you’ve probably heard a line like that more than once.

Why? Because it’s a matter of historical record that the German army employed tactics just like that During WWII in order to bait the Allied forces – often, American troops – into attacking convents, churches, schools, and so forth, so that the Nazis could point to the Allies’ barbarity in attacking civilian “soft” targets.

In fact, the American stateswoman Clare Booth Luce wrote about this quite extensively.

Does any of this sound familiar?

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