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Gun Carrying Dad’s Tough Love Praised by Cops; Criticized by Dr. Phil


Your 15-year-old daughter posts disrespectful, expletive-filled rants on Facebook about how miserable her life is because she has household chores after school, is asked to pour coffee sometimes, and doesn’t have enough energy to go out after 10 p.m. because she’s exhausted from her many responsibilities.

Do you. . .
a) take a video of yourself expressing immense disappointment
b) ground her
c) unload your .45 into her laptop


I shot the laptop, but I did not shoot the iPhone.

If you are Tommy Jordan, of North Carolina, you do all three. Jordan did, and his video caused all sorts of publicity–some good, some bad–when the video went viral.

What some of you may not know is that many of the viewers of that notorious video called the cops and child protective services all up in arms, reporting that Jordan was likely to kill his daughter. And Dr. Phil McGraw had to weigh in, criticizing Jordan for humiliating his daughter in online public venues (Facebook/YouTube).

It must be leftist parents who would report as suspicious a man who has been providing well, disciplining sensibly and requiring chores be done by said 15-year-old. Sorry, lib’s, he has invested way too much love, time and instruction to kill her in some sudden onset of uncharacteristic abusiveness. Go after real child abusers and let responsible parents do their jobs.

Can’t you see that Jordan’s patience and methodical strategy in preparing the scene outside, loading his gun, positioning his chair and video cam all point to a parent who is exercising restraint, not running amok.

Even more importantly, a father who would remove the hard drive, thereby preserving his daughter’s stored photographs and other data, is no impulsive jackass. That’s a show of premeditated consideration for his daughter.

In fact, he says the police told him “Kudos, Sir” and he received a “thank you” from an entire detectives squad. Another officer, he says, “is using it [the video]in a positive manner in his presentation for the school system.”

Here’s a look at that notorious video from 2012 that got millions of hits, and Dr. Phil’s boxers all wadded up his condescending behind.



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