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Missouri Governor Calls For “Vigorous Prosecution” of Ferguson Cop


In case you missed it, The Curmudgeon is not a fan of the way Ferguson, MO police (or pretty much everybody else associated with Ferguson) conducted themselves after the shooting of Michael Brown.

We believe that the police force, like about every police force in the US is a paramilitary unit deployed against civilians not a police force committed to “Protect & Serve” the citizens who are residents of their town or city.

We don’t know why Michael Brown was shot because there has been no investigation of the shooting, at least no investigation that has been released to the public.  That investigation needs to be conducted, and one problem we see is that we doubt it can be conducted in anything that looks like an impartial manner.  We don’t know if it was a good shoot or not and if it was not a good shoot the officer should be prosecuted.  If it was, he should be exonerated by a police shooting board and the matter should go no further.

Governor Jay Nixon proved himself yesterday to be probably the most irresponsible governor in the United States.  Here’s what he said yesterday.

“Vigorous prosecution” not “vigorous investigation.”  And, he included the Attorney General in the statement.  We have a huge problem with that.  Eric Holder is in Ferguson with 50 plus FBI agents and Civil Rights prosecutors not to see justice done with respect to the shooting of Michael Brown, he’s there to produce a “civil rights” case that will pander to and inflame the black “community” and get them to show up at the polls in November.  It’s the same story as when Holder sent DoJ teams to Florida after the shooting of Trayvon Martin.  They went there for the expressed purpose of whipping up a prosecution of George Zimmerman after the local police and local prosecutors had correctly determined that Zimmerman shot Martin in self defense.

The investigation of the Brown shooting hasn’t even begun and Nixon is calling for a “vigorous prosecution.”  He tried to walk back his words this morning, but his walk back is way too late.  He knew what he was saying.  Fry the cop.

Here’s Megyn Kelly, a former prosecutor, on Nixon’s words.

This shooting is quickly turning into a lynching.  President Obama and his Department of “Justice” got out in front on this case, they recognize they waited too long in the Florida case.  They let the police and local prosecutors investigate before they had the opportunity to force the outcome and that weakened the case against Zimmerman.  They’re not taking that chance in Ferguson.

We’d bet our last nickel that if, by some miracle, no criminal charges are filed against the officer who shot Michael Brown, the Department of “Justice” will follow on with a civil rights case against him – see Rodney King.

The Obama administration makes the story of MacBeth look like a wholesome family story.



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