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George Soros Group Sets Up Voter Registration at Michael Brown Memorial


Never let a crisis go to waste – indeed! A group funded by our favorite Nazi sympathizer-turned Democrat mega-donor George Soros, has quickly gone about exploiting the Michael Brown shooting and subsequent rioting, looting, false testifying, Presidential interfering, Jesse Jacksifying, media-stoking circus in Ferguson – by setting up voter registration “booths.”

Stay classy, Democrats! by Rodney Lee Conover

sorosminimeDon’t worry – it’s all done in good taste, right in front of where Michael Brown was killed. Must bring back fond WWII memories for George Soros, complete with Nazi propaganda designed to exploit tragedy wherever it’s found.

Of course we know from history that pissed off, looting and rioting citizens, angry criminals and those out for revenge are the best-equipped to pick elected officials?

Make no mistake about what I’m saying here folks – these are your modern day Democrats:

Totally willing to take money from a scumbag like Soros; totally willing to throw the Officer involved in the shooting and his family under the bus before the facts are out; and totally willing to pit black vs. white in order to win elections.

Soros’ front group called the “Center for Constitutional Rights,” are setting up voting booths around Ferguson and although I forget which Alinsky rule this falls under; I do know that none of it has to do with sympathy for the family of Michael Brown.

The situation blacks find themselves around the country in towns like Ferguson is not what liberals and Democrats give two craps about. In fact, they have very little concern about dead Michael Brown and destitute black America.

What they’re mainly concerned about is revealed in their words about the crisis tragedy:

They’re out for Votes and Power.

“Five thousand new voters will transform the city from top to bottom..”
— Jesse Jackson

“juries are taken from (the) voter pool. Just one way registration is a part of justice”
— Human rights attorney Jessica Lee (Tweet)

“Nobody can go to the White House until they stop by our house..”
— Al Sharpton

“Michael Brown’s death must result in one of the largest voter registration drives in the history of the state of Missouri.”
— Emory University law professor Dorothy A. Brown (on CNN)

“Mike Brown can’t vote, but I can.”
— St. Louis County chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Listen to the mind of a 30-year-old Ferguson resident: “It seemed like our voice doesn’t matter. An African American is (in) the White House but they make damn sure he can’t do anything..”
— Kapeli Wiggins, explaining his reluctance to vote

Somebody tell me where Kapeli got that? This president has done more than any president in my lifetime. Not much I agreed with, and damn sure nothing that might help Kapeli, but he thinks Obama “can’t do anything?” Somebody needs to give Mr. Wiggins a link to Allen B. West’s website.

Maybe a lunch with Herman Cain. I don’t know.. Something.

anyone see my big red nose?

anyone see my big red nose?

Anywhoozer, as far as our Attorney General goes, no need to quote him – he’s merely a shiny and legitimized version of the Reverend Al. I don’t care that Eric Holder wears expensive and tailored suits instead of jogging outfits and bling – he’s Sharpton with a law degree and a grasp of the King’s English.

That’s where the differences end.

Attorney General Holder believes in affirmative-action, socialism, racial quotas, the victimization of minorities, the modern welfare system, black nationalism and is about as anti-white as you can get without exposing himself. Let’s be honest – he isn’t any more proud of America than the First Lady.

That’s his right as an American – I just wish he’d be more honest about it. But remove the fancy titles and haircuts – he’s Al Sharpton, the Black Panthers and looooves himself some black vs. white down in Missouri to exploit. You think about it:

What Democrats are involved here? Al Sharpton, George Soros, Eric Holder, etc.? Compare those punks to Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Harry Truman and Bobby Kennedy, with whom you may not agree with politically, but would you ever think they’d sell out America like Holder or Soros?

Forget Sharpton, he’d sell out anybody – just ask his FBI contacts..

And finally, this: “Without the looting, without the burning down stuff, without the tear gassing, nobody would even be interested. We tried it the old way and the old way didn’t work. The Martin Luther King way didn’t work..”
— Carlos Howard, a 27-year-old nursing home aide, who has joined the nightly protests over Brown’s killing.


This ain’t your daddy’s DNC, my friends… It’s ugly stuff. But enough about Soros.


by Rodney Lee Conover

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