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Gender Jokes: All in Fun?


Here’s a copy of a response appearing in the advice column Dear Prudence from

Dear Naughty,
Weenies can be funny. I think most people who possess them can even agree on that. If you did some research, you would discover that the female anatomy has been thoroughly examined and described in song. It is perfectly normal at 13 years old for members of both sexes to be doing a lot of thinking about members—some of the boys think of little else. Laughing with your friends about the foibles of relations between the sexes is fun, and there’s no reason for you to miss out on this bonding experience. I think it’s wonderful you’re aware, however, that not all jokes are good-humored and that you don’t want to participate in mockery. So as long as the laughs are not specifically directed at deriding an individual boy’s “little guy,” then enjoy the fun of breaking out of your shell and being one of the girls.

Prudence, dear, you make some very good points in your response to Naughty or Nice, a 13-year-old who wrote to you asking if she should curb the making fun of boys, a pastime encouraged by her new A-list female friends.


Who needs e-Harmony anyway?



To summarize your counsel, Prudence, I got this:

  • 1. Some 13-year-old boys think of little else than members of the members of the opposite sex.

By that you mean that boys are obsessed with boobies and bums (a.k.a. T&A among the older set where the obsession is equally dominant–where a whole slew of synonyms exist for female sex parts).

  • 2. Laughing about the foibles of relations between the sexes is fun when you’re 13.

Well, it’s downright hilarious when you’re an adult. What do you think women are doing on Girls Night Out but comparing foibles.

One time a friend shared with me her tale of a date gone bad. The man, early in the evening, explained that, due to a medical condition, he had no control over his bowels, and would she be open to cleaning him up should the need arise. Fortunately for my friend the need did not arise. Also fortunately for my friend, Mr. Loose Sh** could not abide her vegetarian diet and told her in no uncertain terms he wouldn’t be asking her for a second date! Didn’t she have a lot of nerve being partial to veggies. For my friend this was one of those ‘You can’t fire me, I quit’ scenarios, and she left early, before ‘the need’ could arise.

  • 3. It’s naughty to deride an individual boy’s ‘little guy’.

Interesting choice of words, Prudence. Ladies, no deriding your man’s little guy. Gentlemen, no deriding your lady’s girls.


For more advice about gender fun, write to Prudence. Then read what I’ve got to say about it.


THBby T.M. Burroughs

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