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Foley Video: The last moments that interrupted Obama’s Vacation


Over the last few days ISIS has shown the world just how barbaric the practice of Islam really is.  James Foley, as we reported yesterday, was taken captive by ISIS in 2012 and was butchered two days ago in a ritual murder.  His killing was a warning to Barack Obama to back off his very limited support for the people ISIS are butchering right now in Iraq.


Again, note that the terrorists are directly addressing President Obama. Almost like he was one of their own who had a momentary lapse.  Speaking of a lapse, the President, after a short speech without the formality of a necktie, got right back to his golf game, a caravan of SUVs belching CO2 took the President to the golf course on Martha’s Vineyard before reporters could ask any questions about a US response to the murder of James Foley.  Being President is all about maintaining your priorities in the face of challenges big and small.

14-0821 - Obama golfing after Foley

This screen grab from the DailyUK website sums up the international media’s take on how worried the President is about the ISIS threat.

The other thing that is very important to note is that beheading is no big deal to these “people.”  They’ve been doing it for 1,300 years.  You can learn the history of Islamic butchers beheading their enemies – just about everybody – that dates back to the Pedophile Prophet who ordered the butchering of 700 Jewish men (who else) at Medina for conspiring against him.

This video is everything you need to know about Islam.  It IS the culture of Islam, and if you doubt that just look up the number of demonstrations by Muslims around the world protesting the inhuman butchering going on in Iraq.  Not just Foley’s murder, but the slaughter of Christians and other groups that ISIS considers an affront to Islam.  Don’t forget that ISIS is still holding another American along with a number of Europeans so you can expect to see reruns of this video in the not too distant future.


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