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First Day of School: Teachers Arrive Drunk


If you thought it was only students who hate going back to school at summer’s end, think again. Two reports of female teachers arriving to school drunk have made national news. I bet there are many other TUI (teachers under the influence) that we just won’t hear about.

I rather be (hic) drinking than teaching math to you little **its.

I rather be (hic) drinking than teaching math to you little **its.

Fox News reports:

An Arizona school teacher showed up to class drunk and continued drinking throughout the day, authorities said Thursday.


Students at Poston Butte High School in San Tan Valley called the school’s main office Wednesday afternoon after Kathleen Jardine began cursing and yelling at them. The school’s principal and a responding deputy met with Jardine. According to the deputy, Jardine initially denied being intoxicated. She later admitted that she had been drinking the night before, that morning and during lunch in her classroom.


The math teacher had a blood alcohol concentration level of .205, two-and-a-half times the legal limit for drivers. A school security officer found a bottle of vodka, a bottle of white wine and a bottle of Sunny D orange juice in her classroom. Authorities said Jardine told them she took a cab to school for fear she was too inebriated to drive.


Jardine, of Chandler, was cited for one count of consumption of alcohol in public but could face disorderly conduct charges. After receiving her citation, Jardine was released to her daughter.


Jardine took a cab to school because she felt she was too intoxicated to drive. Her car had been impounded the night before, when she was cited for driving under the influence.

And, in Oklahoma, from KFIam640:

As far as back-to-school outfits go, Lorie Ann Hill’s was an ill-advised one. Oklahoma police say the Wagoner Public Schools teacher allegedly showed up to the job on Monday drunk—and then removed her pants. Police fielded a 9am call from school officials who had found Hill “in a room kind of disoriented,” per the police chief, reports the Tulsa World. By the time police arrived she was in the principal’s office and wearing shorts that school officials had found for her to wear. Police questioned Hill and say the 49-year-old told them she had been drinking vodka.


FOX23 reports that two fellow Wagoner High School teachers discovered her in the classroom, which she claimed was hers; police, for their part, found an empty cup in Hill’s car, but no DUI charges will be brought against her because there are no “credible witnesses” who may have seen Hill drink at home and then drive. Hill, who was a new hire with the school’s special education department, was arrested for public intoxication on what was the first day teachers were reporting for duty; students begin classes today. The Muskogee Phoenix reports Hill was released from city jail on Monday afternoon. (The case isn’t exactly a first.)


We all sympathize with the problems teachers face, foremost of which is that of defiant kids and permissive parents. But drowning in alcohol is not the answer, ladies. Stand your ground sober. We’re rooting for teachers to win.


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