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Exposed: Secret 1,000 Member Liberal Journalist Group


Have you heard – there’s no liberal media bias? Except for this 1,000 member secret club of “progressive” journalists who get together and line-up Democrat talking points, align their agendas, promote each other, push-out liberal ideas, coordinate attacks on conservatives – all put together by a well-known left-wing activist named Billy Wimsatt.

Sure, there’s that group – composed of a big-time CNN commentator, reporters from Rueters, a columnist from U.S. News & World Report, the Washington Bureau Chief along with the top two political reporters for The Huffington Post, the editor of The Nation magazine, a producer from Al Jazeera and the list goes on and on – but hey, that doesn’t make it a vast left-wing conspiracy or anything, does it?

liberal-mediabiasI’m sure they just get together to shoot the shit every once in a while – not anything nefarious – after all, the number of moderates and conservatives in the group total exactly none. Ever wonder why liberals all sound like each other?

Wonder no more:

Hat tip

.. approximately two dozen Huffington Post contributors are among the more than 1,000 members of Gamechanger Salon. Founded by leftwing activist Billy Wimsatt, the group is a secretive digital gathering of writers, opinion leaders, activists and political hands who share information, ideas and strategy via a closed Google group.

Sally Kohn, formerly a Fox News contributor, now works for CNN reliably echoing pro-Obama Administration talking points and championing leftwing ideas as a network commentator. Kohn is also a member of Gamechanger Salon, and e-mails show that she occasionally approached the group’s membership and asked them to promote her television appearances.

“I’m guest co-hosting CNN’s Crossfire tonight at 6:30pm EST, with fellow co-host Newt Gingrich. I would be grateful for folks (a) helping spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, etc to encourage people to tune in; and (b) and live tweeting during the show.”

Amanda Terkel, the “Senior Political Reporter and Politics Managing Editor at The Huffington Post,” is a member of Gamechanger Salon along with The Huffington Post’s Washington bureau chief, Ryan Grim.

In mid-July, Terkel and Grim jointly wrote a piece about a leftwing effort to push Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D) to run for president. The pair of reporters heavily quoted Erica Sagrans, a fellow member of Gamechanger Salon and leading organizer of the “Ready For Warren” effort, and cited Billy Wimsatt’s support for the project. Wimsatt’s work as founder of Gamechanger Salon and the reporters’ own membership in the group, along with Sagrans’ membership, went unreported.

A former New York Times freelance columnist who now works as an energy and commodities reporter for Thomson Reuters is also a member of Gamechanger Salon. Katrina vanden Heuvel is the editor and publisher of The Nation magazine, a prominent and well-known periodical of leftwing political and social thought. She is also a member of Gamechanger Salon and a regular opinion writer for the online edition of The Washington Post

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But again, there’s no liberal bias in the media.. Wanna know if your favorite lib is in this secret circle jerk? Here’s the list:

What’s really demented is these useful idiots really believe that if their overlord heroes prevail, they’ll have a seat at the adult table. They don’t realize that once they are no longer useful they’ll be taken out in back, shot in the head and dumped in the ditch by the tyrants they helped to seize power..

Hope they’re not allergic to lime.



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Remember: They have all your old private phone calls, texts and emails, too – all stored and ready to roll out when needed. Think I’m paranoid? Five years ago I would have though so too.

How long before there’s a 1-800 number to call when you’ve spoken to a “racist” or an “anti-government” or “Tea Party” sympathizer on the phone you want to report?

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