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The Enemy of My Enemy: U.S. Could Ally With Syria


So imagine a king who sends his people to give money and weapons to a group of mercenaries who formerly were the king’s enemies so that they in turn can start a civil war with another king who is the enemy of the first king, but then the mercenaries turn around and use that money and those weapons to conquer lands the first king had abandoned, angering the first king’s subjects to the point that the first king felt compelled to come to the aid of the second king he had tried to overthrow by attacking the mercenaries he hired in the first place.

Pause for breath.

Does this sound like a cross between “Game of Thrones” and “Days of Our Lives”?

Unfortunately, it’s what America is facing in the Mideast thanks to our own President Obama, aka King Putt.

It’s well-known (if you read non-U.S. media) that Obama has for years been funding the “rebels” in Syria as part of the Arab Spring strategy. (It was a strategy, not a spontaneous eruption of democracy.) His previously secret funding and arming of al-Qaida-linked mercenaries is probably connected to the events and cover-up of Benghazi.

More importantly, it’s connected to the rise of ISIS, which has conquered a substantial chunk of Iraq, a country that American troops shed sweat and blood to pacify and provide an opportunity for a genuine democracy. The other part of the equation in ISIS’s ascension to power has to do with Obama prematurely withdrawing U.S. troops in 2011 so that he could win votes from his anti-war leftist supporters during his re-election campaign.

Then there’s the matter of Syria. Obama wants Syria’s Bashar al-Assad gone, so much so that he tried to rabble-rouse the U.S. into a war with Syria over alleged nerve gas attacks (attacks which may have actually come from Obama’s “rebels”). At that time, hardly anyone other than Obama die-hards was willing to follow King Putt into a war with Assad.

Fortunately for the U.S. and the world, Russia’s Vladimir Putin defused the situation with a phone call to his ally Assad, who publicly agreed to “talks” and to hand over his gas weapons. This effectively pulled the rug out from under King Putt, but it also left the U.S. looking as weak and foolish as its leader in the world’s eyes.

I have theory that Obama had promised the “rebels” they would own Syria, and when he failed to deliver, they turned their attention to Iraq, which was lying virtually undefended to the south.

As anyone with an ounce of sense would have expected, the ensuing route of Iraq’s military led to a massacre of its people, particularly Christians who were slaughtered and chased out of towns where they’ve lived for 2,000 years (although the White House seems only to acknowledge the Yazidis, a minority Zoroastrian religion).

The recent beheading of an American journalist has finally led many Americans to wake up and realize the horrors being perpetrated in Iraq in the name of the Muslim Caliphate. Many officials within the Obama Administration have come forward publicly to urge America to support combat against ISIS, which may mean helping Syria, where ISIS has secure bases of operations.

Obama has dragged his feet on the matter, reluctantly ordering “targeted” airstrikes against select ISIS positions, but with no overall strategy for victory. Now, top members of the military are talking about airstrikes against ISIS inside Syria. The U.S. has already been cooperating covertly with Syria, funneling it intelligence through the German government, according to The Independent.

The few elements of the Syrian rebels who aren’t lapdogs for ISIS are also in jeopardy from the caliphate, which is reportedly in position to attack supply lines from Turkey. If the U.S. were to help them, it again would mean operations inside Syria, to the benefit of the Assad government.

ISIS is al-Qaida’s second wind, courtesy of King Putt, who would prefer to hide out on the golf course than serve as the American president. It’s an enemy we defeated once before and wouldn’t be facing again if not for the six-year train wreck that is the Obama Administration.


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