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Mysterious Kindergarten Teacher Who Destroyed Scott Walker Property Revealed! [Video]


She didn’t have the guts to go face-to-face with the man who personally destroyed the ability of public school unions to run the state into the ground. But she went three rounds with his signs…

It’s no secret we love Scott Walker, in a manly, political sort of way.  The guy is a rock star.  We’re not fans of his position on amnesty, and we’re not sure about a Presidential run, but he’s arguably the best governor in the nation.

Walker got Act 10 through the Wisconsin legislature early in his first term over the warfare, literally, launched by the teachers unions, other public employee unions, and the Democratic legislators they own.  Act 10 basically put public employee unions out of business in Wisconsin.  They, of course, went to court and have lost in Federal court and last month lost in the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

They’ve been reduced to ripping up political signs and name calling

April Kay Smith, 38, who teaches at Amy Belle Elementary School in the suburban Germantown School District, was at a rural county fair and was overcome with whatever.  Toward the end of the day she stopped by the county Republican Party booth and proceeded to start tearing up signs.  Here’s what ensued.

She was cited with disorderly conduct after a lengthy and impressive chase during which she allegedly grabbed the arm of 62-year-old woman and spouted, “You must like the Koch brothers!” …

The 62-year-old woman, Roxane Stillman, was sitting on a bench with a friend near the Jefferson County Republican Party’s fair booth. They were munching on kettle corn. Stillman she said she watched a woman squat down at the GOP booth as if she was about to use the bathroom. The woman — later identified as Smith — then proceeded to obliterate the signs.

Understandably alarmed for a host of reasons, Stillman told Smith she was would be calling the police.

That’s when the kindergarten teacher took off like a garden-variety criminal, according to Stillman.

“I said, ‘Honey, I’m good for about five miles. If you want to run, that’s okay. I’ll stay with you,’” the senior citizen told Wisconsin Reporter. “When she realized she wasn’t going to outrun me, she started walking fast all over the fairgrounds trying to ditch me. Everywhere we walked, I yelled out, ‘Someone get the police! This lady damaged property.’”

So this 38 year old school teacher – and her husband – were run down by a 62 year old lady.  We love that picture.  The cops showed up and cited the teacher and her husband.

Teacher Smith will be appearing in court on August 19th to face the charge.  We’re sure she’ll plead that she was under the influence of Koch at the time and be sentenced to a diversion program run by Obama for America or whatever they’re calling themselves these days.


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