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Dillon Taylor: Unarmed, Shot by Police, Dead, White – Who Cares?


Dillon Taylor and Michael Brown were both young men, both unarmed and both shot dead by police recently. That’s what they have in common..

Dillon Taylor was white, did not attack the officer who killed him, did not go for his gun, had not just robbed a store or committed a crime of any sort, did not have illegal contraband on his person, was not resisting arrest, did not rush the officer, assault anyone – yet was still shot dead. The officer who killed Dillon is black. There was no rioting, no looting, no calls for violence against the officer or prejudging of the facts of the case.

Dillon TaylorPerhaps the biggest difference is that you’ve never heard of Dillon Taylor and President Obama could care less about it and that goes double for Eric Holder.

Hat tip: The Inquisitor

The Dillon Taylor shooting, which involved a 20-year-old white unarmed teen and an African-American police officer, has gone largely unreported save for The Inquisitr’s own Jonathan Vankin and numerous conservative blogs.
The relative lack of media attention and the White House’s lackadaisical attitude toward the death of Taylor — though to be fair, they may not be saying anything because none of the so-called “serious” journalists are asking about it and they may not know, though we doubt it — has fueled the anger and outrage of many on the opposite side of the Michael Brown shooting.

In an effort to win sympathy from what the Ferguson protesters are going through, President Barack Obama has even called for a review of the military-grade equipment and gear that has been issued to the Ferguson police and departments in general throughout the country (Something I’m not entirely against).
Through all this, we’ve heard so much talk of race being the primary motivator for the death of Michael Brown.
With the Dillon Taylor shooting, however, we’ve heard nothing.
Nothing from so-called journalists, who seem to be creating news instead of reporting it. And that’s a shame, really, because it highlights the conversation that Ferguson protesters should be having instead of the racially-charged animosity that has broken out as a result of the Michael Brown shooting.
And that conversation should be over this: how we allow the news to influence our actions.
As with Michael Brown, the Dillon Taylor shooting still has a few variables we know nothing about. For instance, the cop responsible for shooting Taylor was wearing a camera at the time. To date, the police have not released the footage captured in Taylor’s final moments.
There could be an entirely plausible reason for this delay; then again, they could be stonewalling with a more sinister motivation.
We don’t know. And this is why we shouldn’t be taking to the streets and social media spreading misinformation, half-truths, and outright lies.

Some clarification: The young deceased man, Dillon Delbert Taylor was Hispanic. There are Hispanics of every color – white, brown, black and everything in between. But look at him and ask yourself why doesn’t Barack Obama give a rat’s ass?

It doesn’t fit his narrative. Dillon Taylor doesn’t matter, that’s why.

But make no mistake, Michael Brown doesn’t matter to President Obama or Eric Holder either.

They won’t care two weeks from now, because they’ll be on to their next scandal, their next opportunity, their next fundraiser, their next voter drive, their next golf outing, their next whatever.

Dillon Taylor, Michael Brown? .. Whatever.


by Rodney Lee Conover

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