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What if Cops Don’t Show Up Where They’re Called Racists?


What would happen if cops just got sick of being called racists and just said, “okay – we just won’t go where we’re not wanted or where we’re called bad people or where it’s hostile”?

The fact is – you can’t keep calling somebody a dog and not expect them to bite you one of these days. Kevin Jackson has an interesting piece over at the Blacksphere:

racist-policeA black teen gets shot by cops, and black people in the neighborhood say, “Kill the cops.” But when black teens shoot other black teens, black people say nothing.
If I were the police, I would take black neighborhoods off my radar. Let’s face it, white neighborhoods are safer, and they don’t shout “Kill the cops!”
The gist of the Ferguson, MO story is that the cops ordered two black teens to stop…for whatever reason. The teens got “lippy,” and maybe even fought with the cop. At some point, the teen got shot twice.
This certainly would not be unusual. Teens these days have a “F the cops” mentality. The more defiant you are, the more street cred, particularly in the black Liberal community.
I can only speculate, since much of this story is yet to be told. But what is not speculation is the mentality of black Liberals.They have already put the cops on trial. But we aren’t hearing much about Michael Brown.
I don’t know if Michael Brown is a bad guy or a good guy who has been wronged. I can tell you, statistically speaking, he is likely a bad guy.
Like the Trayvon Martin story, we won’t know much about Michael Brown for some time, if I’m right about Brown being a bad seed. This is Race-Profiteering 101: The race-baiters can’t make money if it is known that the person they are protecting is not a good citizen. In other words, condemning the police, even wrongly, is the right strategy for race-pimps to get paid.

Continue reading at The Blacksphere:

There is a reason there are a disproportionate number of black men in jail; and despite the Liberals tome, it’s not because the police are bad. This cops didn’t decide come off a donut break to target Michael Brown for sport. The cop stopped Brown for a reason. Would you hang out in a black neighborhood for “shiggles,” if you didn’t have to?

And like with the Trayvon Martin story, if Brown had complied with the cop, instead of playing Tommy Toughass, he would likely be alive today.



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