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CNN BOMBSHELL Video on Ferguson Shooting From Cop’s POV


Now CNN has a BOMBSHELL video that tells the story from Officer Darren Wilson’s side. As I reported yesterday, you know a white cop in Ferguson, Missouri, in the light of day, with all kinds of people around, just walks up to a black kid and blows him away. 

Evidence is mounting that these were not innocent kids just walking down the street.

Calling into The Dana Loesch Radio Show on Friday, “Josie” claimed that Brown “bum-rushed” officer Darren Wilson moments after pushing him into his squad car, punching him in the face and trying to grab the cop’s gun.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if Michael Brown was murdered by another black on the Southside of Chicago – we would never even have ever heard of him.  


 Reporting from the Mohave Desert in California, Rodney Lee Conover

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