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Ben Carson v Al Sharpton! Debate of the Century


Ben Carson is right on the money.  We agree that the problem comes from the outside, there are New Black Panthers flooding in to Ferguson, as well as the people who will do the most damage, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Eric Holder.

On the idea of a Sharpton / Carson debate, we’re all for it.  It will certainly produce some eye opening video, Rev Al screaming and the calm and focused Ben Carson laying out a real plan to accomplish something.  We’d pay to see that debate.  We’re also pretty sure we won’t have to raid Mrs. Curmudgeon’s food budget for the tickets because Al Sharpton, like all of the race baiters, are cowards.  They’re not looking for solutions, they’re looking for air time so they can raise money.

It’s also interesting to note that Carson sites some statistics on gun violence. If you take four cities out of the statistics, Chicago, New Orleans, Detroit, and Washington DC, the US is one of the safest countries in the world.  All of those cities h,ave been run by Democrats, and very progressive Democrats at that, for the last two or three generations.

So, let’s set it up.  Come on Al, put up or shut up.



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