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Ben Carson Approaches Starting Block for 2016 Race


Dr. Ben Carson, conservative columnist, exceptional retired neurosurgeon, professor and author of six books including America the Beautiful and One Nation, is laying the ground work for a run at the presidency.

carson2Maybe his supporters are on to something. Hmm. A conservative, mature, outspoken, confident Christian, who quotes scripture and the Declaration of Independence as leader? Sounds like a 180 degree change. Sounds wonderful.

Dr. Carson is not an Obama fan. His criticism of the president turned heads when he spoke up forcefully against his own critics by saying, “Somebody has to be courageous enough to stand up to the bullies.”

Dr. Carson has said of himself that hard work and faith in God are keys to his success. He respects the Bible as a source of higher knowledge. And, he has been devoted to education because he feels too many Americans don’t think for themselves, they just buy into the rhetoric of pundits on television.


The announcement about his candidacy appeared in Western Journalism:

Ben Carson, who has been the subject of a widespread push to compel him to seek the presidency in 2016, has reportedly taken decisive action pointing to his intention to throw his hat into the ring.

In an interview with the Times, Carson explained that he has spent the past couple of days hunkered down in Florida with supporters, noting that he emerged with the name of a man chosen to lead his fledgling campaign.

Terry Giles, a businessman from Texas, will be his campaign manager assuming he ultimately chooses to enter the political fray for what will likely be a crowded Republican primary race.

“Basically if Dr. Carson decides to go forward, I’ve been asked to chair the campaign and make a full commitment during the period of time leading up to a decision and during the election cycle,” Giles explained.

Carson also reportedly approved the formation of One Nation, his political action committee.

Despite the indicators that he has made a decision to run, the renowned doctor cautioned his supporters that the news is not definitive.

“Now is the time to start all of the appropriate exploration and investigation and put down the structure that is necessary,” he maintained, acknowledging that his camp is “definitely a step or two closer than we were a year ago.”

Wondering what it’ll take to get Dr. Carson, a one man dream team, to the point of no return? Full support of conservative Americans would be a good guess.


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