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Obama: Amnesty Will Help Economy. Scabies and TB Clinics Brace Themselves


President Obama and supporters of amnesty for illegal aliens (possibly carrying scabies) repeatedly make the case that granting amnesty will be a boon for the economy.

President Barack Obama will argue … that the nation’s economy will be aided by a proposed rewrite of the nation’s immigration laws.


“Reform will also help to make America more competitive in the global economy,” he declared.

We would point out that in the six years Barack Obama has been President he has “pivoted to” various economic prescriptions like “shovel ready jobs” that were nothing more than a handout to unionized employees of state governments and did absolutely nothing for the economy as a whole.  He’s facing the lowest workforce participation rate in history along with the fact that virtually every job “created” during his administration has been a part-time job.  The O’recovery is the worst recovery in modern history.

Those are just some of the dismal facts about the President’s economic performance, and now he wants us to believe that amnesty will improve the economy.  Keep in mind that the people he’s giving amnesty to are uneducated, unskilled, don’t speak English, and are going to basically be wards of the state, kept alive through the good graces of the American taxpayer housing and feeding them.  Pretty much forever.

Let’s see what the immigrants are really bringing to our country.

A Border Patrol union claims that illegal immigrant minors are coming into the U.S. with “active scabies and other illnesses,” claiming one of its agents already has contracted the mite-borne skin infection and warning it could spread into surrounding communities if precautions are not taken.

The union’s warning comes amid claims of tuberculosis at one camp in San Antonio and Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s testimony last week of a confirmed case of H1N1, or swine flu.

Yum.  Scabies.  TB.  Swine flu.  That will certainly help the economy.  And remember, if it’s the illegal alien children who happen to be carrying this, they’re going to be mainlined into your kids’ school.  Nice.

The illegals currently coming in are being housed at military bases and the conditions are “deteriorating.”  What could be causing the conditions to deteriorate?

The inspector general also found difficult conditions dealing with a population not necessarily used to first-world comforts.

The investigators said some illegal immigrants’ “unfamiliarity with bathroom facilities resulted in unsanitary conditions and exposure to human waste” in some of the facilities.

Bottom line, advocates of unfettered illegal immigration and amnesty think that illegals who carry diseases that are virtually unknown in the US, and who don’t know how to use bathroom facilities are going to turn our economy around.

Well, it makes about as much sense as anything else President Obama has proposed.  While we’re on that subject, what have you done with the $2,500 you’re saving on your health insurance since the President heroically passed ObamaCare without a single Republican vote?




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