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In order for me to tell this story, I’m going to have to do something that goes against everything I was raised to believe. Yes I’m going to share some personal information that normally, no one would ever know. My wife and I are proud Southern Americans, we don’t whine, we don’t complain to others, we don’t ask or expect anything from anyone that we haven’t earned. We take what we have and make the best of it.

All of that being said, I’m watching this flood of illegals coming into the Country; now to be clear, we keep hearing that they’re all little kids with teddy bears, this simply is not true, only a small percentage of them are actually unaccompanied young children. Once they get here, they’re pretty much given everything. We’re building very nice facilities for them, including all you can eat buffets. We’re going to have to absorb the cost of their public school education. They’ll be given welfare and their caretakers are going to be well paid by the government, well paid with your tax dollars.

Now here’s where I get just a little angry over the situation and I’m sure that I’m not alone in this. I am an American citizen, my ancestors came here in the 1600s and helped settle the south as well as marrying into the Native American tribes here, the same goes for my wife. I’ve worked hard all my life. I served in the military then spent twelve years in law enforcement and have the scars to prove it. I gave that up and went into the same business as my father when I got custody of my son. I was very successful there and took early retirement from the company I worked for to start my own business.

On May 5th 2012, all that came to an end in a split second. One traffic accident and it was all over. I went from making very good money to nothing in the blink of an eye. I did get social security and that qualified me to start drawing my pension from the company I retired from, however, that was when the company notified me that they were forced to cut the pension amount by 75% and couldn’t guarantee how long they would be able to pay it at all, or I could take a one time pay out, which is what we decided to do. That lasted for a couple of years but is gone now. While at our lowest point we were stolen from by someone we trusted greatly.

We now survive on social security alone. Not a month goes by that we don’t have to make the decision between having critical medicine or food. Being non minority Americans, we don’t qualify for any government help of any kind, we’re on our own. I was once a very strong competitive power lifter but have now lost over 25 lbs, that may not sound like much but I’m not that tall of a guy so it really is, in short, I’m literally wasting away.

Now like I said before, I’m not complaining, it is what is. Angie and I stick together like glue and always manage to somehow get by, the thing is, our story is really not unusual. There are millions of Americans in similar situations. If you think something like this can’t happen to you, you had better think again, you could be right here with us next week.

Here’s the greater point, we cannot, or will not, take care of our own citizens. Why are we giving illegal immigrants more than we give our own citizens? I just don’t think there is anyone who can make sense of that one for me.

And for you illegal immigrants who want to do something as stupid as demonstrate for your rights, let me be clear about this…the majority of people I know and associate with these days are blue collar hard working citizens. They are suffering great financial loss due to the fact that you are taking work from them and food out of their families mouths. They’re extremely passionate about their dislike for you. You may be able to demonstrate at the White House and have no fear of the government doing their job and arresting you, but it’s just a matter of time before these citizens have had enough and it will be them you need to fear.

They will begin counter demonstrations, which will eventually turn to confrontations and sooner or later, they’ll result in violence, then counter violence and here we go, no telling where that will end. You might want to think about keeping your head low if you want to stay here, people have had enough of it.

On an added note, since my accident, I’ve lost most of my friends and family contacts, every one avoids us like we have the plague. Everyone that is, except for my son and his wife. They just moved back to our state and one their first orders of business was to pay us a visit. While he was here, he helped me put in a garden which help bring our food bills down, and they bought us a months worth of groceries. We never asked them for a thing, they just did it, as a matter of fact, they really didn’t give us an option to say no. It wasn’t until later that we learned they had spent the last of their money to do that for us. They went without so that we could eat. Not all kids are bad, I am very proud of them both.

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