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A Win in the House on Amnesty!


Note we said “A win in the House on Amnesty” not “A Win on Amnesty.”  At this point, going into the mid-term election, we’ll take what we can get.

It certainly appears that legislative action on amnesty in the House – or the Senate – is dead at least until the lame duck session after the election, then all bets are off.  The House Republicans manned up, finally, and passed a bill to block President Obama’s ability to expand DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or any program like it.  The vote was 216-192 with eleven Republicans voting against it.  In a sign of “bipartisanship” four Democrats voted in favor of limiting the President’s ability to act unilaterally.

The vote caps a lengthy battle between conservatives and the House GOP leadership and marks a new point in the GOP’s efforts to fight the Democrats on immigration, rallying Republicans against the left heading into the midterm election season.

The floor debate on this bill and the previous one Friday evening were bloody fights between Republicans, who seem to have found their backbone against liberal immigration policies again, and Democrats, who are using this battle to push for a widespread amnesty via a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

The bill will now go to the Senate where it will die on Harry Reid’s desk.

The fight against amnesty is not only not over, we’re not sure it will ever be “over.”  Amnesty is a Zombie.  It lives by devouring the brains of those who support it and it seemingly can’t be killed.

We think that this will likely be the last action taken on immigration/amnesty by the Congress this summer.  We also believe that Republicans – barring a monumentally stupid event, and they’re absolutely capable of that – will increase their numbers in the House and take the Senate by a narrow margin.  Depending on polling, it’s possible that President Obama will act unilaterally, write himself another new “law” and find a way through the regulatory structure to effectively grant some form of temporary amnesty to millions of illegals, including virtually all of the unaccompanied minor aliens that he’s been insisting can’t stay here.

The only question is whether he’ll do in October or in December.

There will never be enough votes in the US Senate to uphold an impeachment and the House would be brain-dead stupid to try to impeach.  We’ll have more on this in a post this week.  President Obama’s goal will be to find a way to distribute the aliens throughout the country, yield to the ACLU and declare that every illegal alien must have a lawyer and a day in court, and drag the process out so long through an immigration court system that ten years from now the illegals will be granted some form of amnesty or asylum simply because the system can’t handle them.

The next two and one-half years are going to be interesting.



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