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A Searchable Database to find Military Weapons Your County is Buying


Not “military grade” weapons, but military weapons straight from the Pentagon.  MRAPs are all the rage right now.  An MRAP is a Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected armored personnel vehicle.  They were designed for use In Iraq and Afghanistan to protect troops from IEDs.  They’re a “must have” for police departments these days, in fact, the crime ridden town of Justice, IL – population 13,000 – got one.  Justice is a crime ridden spot on the outskirts of Chicago, a fairly urban setting where they’ve had three murders since 2000.  We doubt they’ve got a street in Justice that a vehicle like this could drive down without destroying the street.


Just what a town of 13,000 needs, right?

Well, how about your county?  Are they getting equipment from the Pentagon?  As they would say in Minnesota, youbetcha!

You can go here and find out what your county has bought, and how much they paid for it, in the last few years.  What you’ll find is that most of the stuff is pretty innocuous.  Keyboards, sleeping bags, flashlights, all kinds of “stuff.”  And then there’s the grenade launchers.  Yep.  Grenade launchers.  Fun stuff for your local police department.

military weapons

There’s another point that we’d like to make about this government program.  Why is it only available to police departments?  Why can we buy stuff there?  Now we can understand them being reluctant to sell us a grenade launcher, but with the appropriate federal government tax stamp (permit to own a “destructive device,” fully automatic weapon, or suppressor) why not?  And they sell other stuff we’d like to have, especially at the price…

5.56mm rifle – AR15 / M16 – $499.00.  An AR15, base model, will run you $734 plus shipping to an FFL dealer.  the 7.62mm rifle – AK47 variant – $138.00.  From our favorite online dealer, $509 plus shipping.  A 45 [semi]automatic pistol, $58.71.  A cheap (and we don’t mean “inexpensive) 45 will run you about $400.

Our question, as long as we take delivery through an authorized FFL (Federally Licensed Firearm dealer) why can’t we buy one of these?

Oh, and why the hell does any jurisdiction need an MRAP.  Or a grenade launcher.  Those aren’t questions.  Check out your county, see what fun stuff your cops are playing with these days.  Or should we say, see what fun the paramilitary organization that is getting ready to put your county in martial law is playing with these days.



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