Zach Taylor Interview: Human & Drug Smuggling on the Border [VIDEO]

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As promised on “Conover U” radio last night – here’s the exclusive interview of Zach Taylor, a 27-year retired border agent who has a thing or two to tell you about the human trafficking, guns and drug smuggling that’s happening on the border with Mexico. By Rodney Lee Conover

Retired U.S. Border Patrol Supervisory Agent Zach Taylor. (Sierra Vista Herald)The video interview below was granted to filmmaker Chris Burgard, creator of “Back to the Border“, his newest film about the crisis on the US-Mexico border, currently in production.

Parts of the interviewed have been leaked to the web, so I’ve decided to go ahead and post it all here so can see the whole magilla. Trust me, you’ll want to watch the whole thing – it’s shocking.

This wasn’t years ago – this was last week. The invasion is here and I don’t think we can stop it.

Yeah. That’s what I was thinking too, the first time I watched it. Stay tuned:

To get involved to help make the full documentary happen – visit the film’s website:


This is the film Obama does NOT want us to make!

Our country is at a breaking point. We either secure our borders or we cease being a country. This is our opportunity to do something historic. Telling the TRUTH. “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.


The main stream media is not only NOT doing its job…it’s actively parroting false talking points on behalf of Obama and pro-amnesty special interests. “Objective journalism” died long ago. We are “citizen journalists” and we need YOUR help today to expose the lies and reveal the truth.

We need to make this film NOW, before it’s too late. We intend to document the FULL STORY, but we’ll need your help. TODAY, to get it done.

back to border3Please join our Social Media Team and help us tell every American about this project. Join our Minute Man Rapid Response team to comment on blog posts and news articles.

Before pandering politicians in both Parties vote on, or even DEBATE, “comprehensive immigration reform”, they must see this film…but we have to get it made first.
Back to the Border: Call to Action



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