Wendy Davis, keeping Texas Red!

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There was a time, not so long ago, when Abortion Barbie, known to some as Wendy Davis, was the Democrats great white hope who was going to Turn Texas Blue. Barbie, we were told, had a great personal story, single mom who got her Bachelor’s Degree in Texas, went to Harvard Law, raised her kids, and was a successful politician.

Or so the story went.

She became a star by filibustering a bill to force abortion clinics to follow the same health and safety rules as other outpatient surgical clinics in Texas and limiting abortions to less than 5 months (20 weeks). She went to California and New York and raised millions to run for Governor against a crippled Republican. She got lots of publicity. Lots and lots of it.

And then came the problem. Or problems.

Most of her personal story is either an outright lie or twists the truth to the point it wishes it was being waterboarded at Gitmo. Her campaign has turned into a face-meet-wall experience. She’s not been able to dig herself out of the hole she dug when she set out to be the female version of Barack Obama. At least he knew how to vote “present.”

Now, the DNC has decided they’re not giving her any money or support and even left leaning outfits like Politico are dissing her.

SAN ANTONIO — Wendy Davis was riding high last summer as the most watched, most talked about, most loved new Democratic star. Her fans included Harry Reid and Barack Obama. Liberals all over Washington toasted her, urging her to run for governor of Texas.

A year later, she’s hit a low point, grappling with the reality of running for office as a Democrat in a deep-red state.

Her campaign’s relationship with the Democratic Governors Association has soured. She’s down in the polls by double digits. And national Democrats have all but written off her race.


You can read the story if you’re into delusional women. Let’s just say that the cripple in this race is turning out to NOT be Greg Abbott, the wheelchair bound Republican candidate, it’s Wendy.

Abbott had this to say at the Republican convention last month.

It has been 20 years since a Democrat has won a statewide election in Texas, and by God, we’re not going to let that record be broken this year.


We’re more than pretty sure he right.


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