Wave of Immigrant Disease Coming to Your Community

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As thousands of children and other illegal immigrants stampede across our wide-open borders, they bring with them poverty, desperation, anti-Americanism and demands for support by the U.S. taxpayer.

They also bring diseases and illnesses that at least until now were uncommon in the United States, a litany of health problems. Cities that have become dumping grounds for illegal aliens are already Ground Zero for this wave of plague, which invariably will spread to other communities, wherever the released immigrants go, compounded by people they’ve contacted.

Some numbers from the first three alien flights into San Diego are alarming. This information has either been kept from the media, or the media are keeping it from the public — it’s unclear which is the case. The following information was provided by a senior Border Patrol source on condition of anonymity.

The first three flights of illegal aliens caught in Texas and sent to the Chula Vista and other Border Patrol stations in San Diego consisted of about 420 immigrants who were processed and released.

Of those, more than 100 had been diagnosed with scabies, a parasitic infection in which a microscopic mite burrows under the skin, causing an intense itch and allergic reaction. Classified by the World Health Organization as a water-related disease, the infection can be passed by objects and more commonly by skin contact.

Multiple children had fevers caused by unidentified illnesses.

Several children were coughing up blood. They are suspected of having tuberculosis, a highly contagious lung disease caused by a variety of mycobacteria. It is potentially fatal. Tuberculosis can be spread when an infected person sneezes, coughs or just breathes on you. Treatment is difficult and requires multiple antibiotics taken faithfully over a long period of time. Some modern strains of TB have developed antibiotic resistance.

There were also multiple suspected cases of the H1N1, formerly known as the swine flu. In 2009, H1N1 caused some 17,000 deaths globally.

At least 5 Border Patrol agents have been infected with scabies, and more have been exposed by processing the illegal aliens.

Procedures for quarantining and handling the sick are ineffective. The Border Patrol source commented, “They are just reinfesting them over and over. They treat them and immediately put them in the decontaminated cells, which is terrible. Also bottles aren’t being sanitized, blankets are being shared, it’s bad.”


All of the illegal aliens have been released into the San Diego community. From there they can travel anywhere in the United States.

The TSA, it was recently reported, is allowing illegal aliens to board commercial aircraft without any identification if they have a Notice to Appear in Court for their immigration hearing.

Some of the diseases being brought to the United States by illegal aliens can have lifelong complications, such as happened to a Texas Border Patrol agent in Laredo who has been hospitalized with bacterial pneumonia, according to National Review. That agent was infected by an illegal alien and is expected to suffer lifelong asthmatic-type symptoms.

Because the Obama Administration has simply been processing illegal aliens and ejecting them into the U.S. interior rather than attempting to detain and quarantine them, there’s no way at this point to stop whatever diseases they bring from spreading.

The San Diego Border Patrol source said, “The people from the first two planes are long gone. They don’t care at all. They are just releasing them. (There is) no relief in sight. Rumor is they will be increasing the number of flights into San Diego.”

The next flight of 140 illegal aliens is scheduled to land in San Diego this Thursday around 10 a.m.


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