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VIDEO: Duck Dynasty’s Robertson: “Lord, I Pray Hollywood Repents Before You Burn ‘Em All”


Duck’s Phil Robertson: ‘I Just Quoted a Bible Verse … I’m Trying to Help Those Poor Souls and Turn Them to Jesus’

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, right, and his oldest son, Alan Robertson.

Alan Robertson, an ordained Christian preacher and a member of the Duck Dynasty cast, tells a story of how at the end of one episode – his father, Phil Robertson – kind of bit the hand that feeds them… again.

The prayer at the end of each episode of Duck Dynasty helped make patriarch Phil Robertson into an influential Christian speaker, even “a prophet,” says Alan. Early in the series, one of Phil’s prayers went a little something like this:

Phil said; “Lord I just pray today for this group that’s here from Hollywood, California. I pray that they would repent and turn to you before you burn ‘em all in the end. And they probably won’t run this, but in the name of your Son Jesus, Amen…”

Watch the video – it’s pretty funny: reports Duck Dynasty is now in its sixth season and is broadcast on the A&E cable channel. It currently is seen by an average 10.5 million viewers each week.



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