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The Obama Administration’s Love & Respect for Veterans


We’ve chronicled the slaughter going on in the Veterans Hospitals around the nation, and we believe the greed and outright incompetence demonstrated at the VA is emblematic of President Obama’s feeling for, and support for out military veterans.

We’ve got another episode, this one from Tennessee, and sorry about the ad, it’s short.

Ken Moore, a Vietnam veteran suffering from cancer who is unable to walk or speak, was denied disability benefits by the Department of Veterans Affairs, and to add insult to injury he was told via a letter to go get a job.

Mr. Moore is suffering from service-related cancer and as a result, cannot walk or talk.

The couple dutifully obtained a doctor’s certification from the VA hospital in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to certify that the veteran’s health was too precarious for him to find employment, and they supplied all the requested medical documents.

In the official assessment, the Moore’s doctor assured the VA, “I do not think that there is a reasonable likelihood that he will improve to the point that he can return to work.”

You’d think that the doctor’s official assessment would carry some weight, right?  Well you’d be wrong.  This is Barack Obama’s Veterans Administration we’re talking about.

Despite all this, the Moores were informed recently via a letter that the disabled veteran’s condition did not preclude him from getting a job and therefore his claim for 100 percent disability was denied.

His claim was denied.

Thankfully, somebody got involved and Mr. Moore’s claim was approved.  Who got involved?  Maybe US Senator Lamar Alexander?  Nope.  It was the local TV channel that pressured the VA and got Mr. Moore taken care of.

It’s worthwhile noting that it’s been well know that there are problems with the VA, serious problems, since 2008.  Those problems, even though they were the subject of campaign speeches in 2008 by Barack Obama, have gotten significantly worse.  They’ve gone from long wait times for appointments to fraudulent lists kept off-line by the VA to hide the scheduling problems and make sure that VA administrators are earning big bonuses.

We want the states to step up and investigate the VA hospitals.  Keeping off-line lists for sick veterans has killed at least 40, and those administrators involved in those lists should be charged with criminally negligent homicide.



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