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Video of Gun Grabbers Being Just Plain Stupid


We agonized over that post title for several hours.  Really.  We’re not happy with the title, but we’re pretty sure that if there’s anybody in Mike Bloomberg’s little silly group of gun grabbers who is capable of rational thought, they’re even less happy with their latest effort in abject stupidity.

Keep in mind that Bloomberg is going to actually spend his money on putting the commercial just below on TV.  They apparently think it’s pretty good.

Remember, they think that’s a good message.  It sends a strong message that we, as a nation need to have more governmental control over evil guns.  Or somethng.

There are a number of flaws in this message.

First of all, the man in question already has a restraining order against him by his ex-wife.  The ex-wife did exactly what people like Bloomberg and his group, Everytown, want people to do when faced with criminals, to through the criminal justice system and get a restraining order.  It’s worth noting that the ex-husband seems to not be too concerned about violating the terms of the restraining order.  Second, again, just what Bloomberg etal would recommend… call 911.  How’d that work out?

It’s worth noting that the woman appeared to be scared to death before he pulled the gun.  It’s a good guess that, especially since she got a restraining order, he’s beaten her up more than a few times.  He’s more than big enough to beat her to death with his fists, and we’d bet he could find a baseball bat if he was concerned about scuffing up his knuckles.

Now then, take a look at this commercial.

We should note that if you were planning on breaking into the Curmudgeon’s family abode, you’d find yourself in the second situation.  Her’s Mrs. Curmudgeon’s performance at 20 feet.

That is a six inch pattern, 13 rounds.  Our Rules of Engagement include a clause, “reload, move closer, empty second magazine.”

Which is a better message to send to women who are afraid of being assaulted?  Use your cell phone, call the police, they’ll file a report and charge someone with murder.  Your kids will be orphans.  OR, learn to use your firearm, defend yourself and raise your kids.

Mr. Bloomberg, we’ll opt for number two.  We’re pretty sure the vast majority of Americans will as well.  Thanks for making our case so very well.



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