Texas Demands Full Fingerprints for Driver’s License

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If the Texas DPS (Department of Public Safety) gets it’s way, every Texan who applies for a driver’s license or (required) renewal will have their fingerprints – all ten digits and thumbs – taken, and the information stored.. For public safety, of course!

There’s only person I can turn to in these matters: Scott “The Preacher” Osborn.


Scott is on the ground there, getting to the bottom of why the heck would the State Police want to fingerprint every Texan?

A little taste from Scott’s Report on the subject follows below. Or just CLICK HERE for the whole magilla..

from ‘Scottie’s Rants’:
“It seems that DPS (Texas’ Department of Public Safety) just “decided” during the first part of this year to go from taking a thumbprint, to an all out collection of all ten fingers from everyone they can get. Again, no public debate, no input from the great people of Texas, just a very quiet decision…”
“Quiet? I wonder why? Might it be because this would cause an uproar? Duh! Technology itself has done plenty to erode our privacy, and we are letting our elected (and not so elected) officials use that technology to take us to a point where the government will know more about us than we know about ourselves…and without any public debate on the subject.”
“It has been the increasing pattern, and “We the People” deserve a large part of the blame. Too many citizens are not paying attention! If we do not wake up, soon, we will be living in a nation that we do not recognize… just like with Common Core, the process of debate has been just tossed out like an old rag and our Representative Government has decided to just decide what is good for us…”

continue reading Scottie’s entire piece HERE:

“Pay attention to my co-host in the tree.. He’s quoting scripture up there”

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Scott can cry on cue and knows all the Psalms by heart.


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