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Sheriff Joe acuses Obama of a “Calculated Border Crisis” to Justify Executive Orders


We’re not fans of Sheriff Joe, but when he’s right, he’s right.

As Joe notes, the administration is creating, or has created, a crisis on the border to justify executive orders that will move the country toward amnesty.  We absolutely disagree with Joe when he says the administration “can’t control the border.”  The federal government could control the border if it wanted to, it hasn’t wanted to for about 30 years.

There is no question that Obama & Company have created and are going to exacerbate the current mess with unaccompanied minors.  We think it works like this.  The UAMs are a great show and almost everybody feels sorry for and wants to help the kiddos who are stuck in terrible housing, suffering from food problems, and are subject to rampant disease.  We expect the President to, at a minimum, issue executive orders to help diffuse this situation.  We wouldn’t be at all surprised if he works with the Congress to actually pass legislation to address the issue.  In the process of all of this, he will worm some language into either the orders or the legislation that will end up giving him the power to effectively declare amnesty for illegals

Just wait and see, the President never lets a crisis go to waste, especially when he has to generate the crisis.



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