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Illegal Kids: “Obama Invited Us to Come Here” [VIDEO]


We apologize for the ad, but it’s worth suffering through to hear US Senator James Inhofe out the fact that we’ve got an uncontested assault on our border because President Obama issued an open invitation that caused it, and he’s doing nothing to stop it.

Note that DHS tried to keep the Senator away from the kids they’re bringing to Oklahoma. They did the same to a Congressman from Oklahoma, and there’s a good reason why they don’t want Congress or the press around these relocation centers.

Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe claimed it’s “obvious” that the wave illegal immigrant children flooding federal shelters and detention centers are coming “at the invitation of the president.”


“Well, first of all, I think we’re overlooking the obvious here,” Inhofe replied. “I went down and talked to these kids. At that time they just arrived, there might have been 300 or 400 of them.”

“These kids were here in this country at the invitation of the president,” the senator charged. “I think everybody knows it. Nobody says it.”

Thank you for saying in Senator. Keep saying it.




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