Revelations on Revolution: Are We There Yet?

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Revelations on Revolution

Since the dawn of man, there’s always been some system of government, some sort of pecking order, someone in charge:

No matter what the civilization, no matter what form it took, no matter what you called it, someone or some group has always ruled over others. Also since that time, there’ve always been revolutions, civil wars, insurrections, armed coups, or military takeovers, they’ve simply always existed and probably, always will.

romeburningThe strange part about it is, if you look back in history at any one of these events, they all seem to follow the same pattern.

The series of events are almost identical and yet they continue to happen over and over again. It’s almost like there’s a blueprint somewhere outlining what it takes for revolution and we’re somehow compelled to keep following it.

Lets take a look at that blueprint and see how it relates to our situation today:

First of all, there’s always a leader or group of leaders who over reach their authority. The government usually ends up rife with corruption, lies and chaos which usually leaves the people feeling helpless to stop it.

Well, I think we can pretty much check that one off the list. We have Obama so over reaching his authority that the Supreme Court gave him a literal smackdown in their last session, he responded by saying he was going to continue to bypass congress with executive orders. Feeling helpless yet?

Then look at the scandals, Fast and Furious, NSA, IRS, VA, for some reason the EPA has declared war on the beef industry, putting thousands of cattle ranchers out of business. They’re passing rules without due process to control all of the water in the country. Why? When we drive around the countryside, we see hundreds of new, state of the art chicken houses, sitting empty, the EPA has shut them down. The result of this is that the price of beef and poultry has risen through the roof. They’ve refused to allow water to the farmlands of California…produce prices have risen. Still not feeling helpless?

The next step is taxes, they’ve been around for a very long time, all over the world, it’s when they become excessive that it becomes a problem for us. We’ve been paying a lot in taxes, but wait until next year. If your take home pay has not gone down because of higher taxes, wait until you file your return for 2014…its gonna hurt. And lets not forget the mother of all taxes, Obamacare. Not only is the premium you’re going to pay a tax, but there’ve been at least half a dozen back door taxes added to help fund it. Have you thought about why they’re so adamant about raising minimum wage? It puts everyone in a higher bracket, you make more money, they charge more taxes. The businesses are forced to raise their prices which means more sales tax.

Gas prices are the highest they’ve ever been, they refuse to approve the keystone pipeline which would naturally lower taxes, but they’re about to raise the gas tax driving gas prices even higher.

Now with the invasion of the illegals from Central America, they want another 3.7 billion dollars to deal with it. Where do you think that money is going to come from? Simple, it’s going to come from YOU.

The next phase comes when the people try to legally put an end to all this to get things back under control. Well, what is it exactly that we can do? We spend millions of dollars on oversight committees that go on for years, but in the end, they have absolutely no power to do anything about it. If a house oversight committee were to find absolute proof that Obama had committed a murder, they have no authority to take any action at all, all they can do is expose the facts, that’s it, nothing more. Who pays for all this? YOU.

OK, so when they do expose this corruption, what happens? It goes to the Justice Department for investigation and prosecution. Well considering that the Justice Department is one of the most corrupt branches of government today, even Eric Holder has been in contempt of Congress for two years now with no action taken, I would say we’re pretty helpless as far as legal options are concerned.

Sure, we have elections and could elect different people, but these days, it’s not the most qualified person who gets elected, it’s the one with the most money to spend. That puts every single candidate up for sale to the highest bidder. Once elected, they’re nothing more than puppets to the people who paid to get them there.

On to the next phase, the demonstrations. This is when the people realize there’s nothing they can do, they truly are helpless. Frustration sets in and the demonstrations begin. It doesn’t really matter what the issue is, there’s going to be demonstration after demonstration. The problem is, if they’re peaceful, they really don’t accomplish much, no one pays much attention. The politicians certainly don’t care unless there’s money involved. They know that you may be angry at them today, but if they spend enough money on the next election, you’ll have forgotten about it and they’ll be voted back into office.

Eventually, frustration grows and these demonstrations begin to grow violent. When this happens, the Government steps in and tries to put a stop to them, this just breeds more violence. With every citizen who is injured or killed, or even arrested for that matter, the situation is aggravated. From there it doesn’t take long for the demonstrations to grow into armed conflicts and from there, into all out battles.

At this point, groups all over the country begin to form, they may all have different ideas and agendas, but one goal is clear to everybody, they must overthrow the current government. This is when you’ll start to see the attacks on government facilities, power stations, transportation systems, anything that’ll cause chaos and help with the overthrow.

This is just an interesting little project for you, try researching how many train derailments there’ve been by year for the last five years. You might be a little shocked with what you find out.

At this phase, it’s pretty much all out war. It doesn’t matter how small the portion of the population is that got it started, everyone would be involved now. Everyone would be faced with the decision of standing with their fellow citizens, or backing their overly corrupt government.

Now, just take a day or two and reflect on what you’ve just read. Go ahead and do some research. Look back in history. If you just want to keep it simple, look at the events leading up to the American Revolution or the Civil War, if you want to go further in depth, look at any situation in the world in any time period. You’ll find that every single one of them pretty much followed the same blueprint.

We’re already at the phase where we’re seeing the beginnings of violent demonstrations. From this point, things will escalate rather quickly and why not? Why would Obama want to stop this? If we are in a state of martial law in 2016, he can suspend the election indefinitely, he will at last be Emperor Obama.

Now if that doesn’t make you feel frustrated and helpless….nothing will.

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