Republicans’ Criminal Conduct

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Criminal conduct lost the election for us in 2008, but we don’t want to admit it because of the endless mantra about Republicans which Liberals have been blasting out ad nauseum since they’ve been allowed to roam the Capital freely .. by Rodney Lee Conover

Problem is, if a broken clock is right twice a day – Democrats and their lapdog, abused co-dependents in the major media can at least seem to kinda’ be right once in a millennium. I guess. Perhaps, almost.

Wall StreetThe con-artists have been parroting such gigantic lies about Republicans, conservatives, Christians, white males, Capitalists and heterosexuals for so long that when Wall Street gambled your money away and lost, then got paid off with your kids and your grand kids money – the  hucksters’ tactics paid off. They looked like they were right, sort of.

The bigger problem is finding evidence that if Republicans take back the Senate in November and increase their majority in the House – they’ll all of a sudden start doing the right thing? Boehner, Ryan, McConnell, McCain, etc.; all pushing or at least enabling Amnesty and secretly thrilled with ObamaCare – as long as they can use it to win elections.

The American people have to live with it now that it’s fully funded through 2016 and spreading it’s tentacles through the fabric of the nation’s fabric. You’re not going to get rid of it anymore than any other entitlement. It’s here. Period. Republicans can’t even get simple entitlement reform passed and the last time they had full control – they invented brand new ones!

Why doesn’t the House use it’s authority to arrest Eric Holder? How about defunding ObamaCare? Perhaps they could look into securing the border or impeaching the President for any number of high crimes, misdemeanors, abdication and dereliction of duty? But no… Why?

I think Republicans admire Barack Obama and the only thing they’re pissed about is that these trillions of dollars being flushed down the loo is that the money didn’t go to Republican cronies. This is not rich versus poor – this is hard working people who play by the rules versus people who have gamed the system.

Rich and powerful folks who have it wired in with establishment Republicans and Democrats.

Look around you:

What about all the people who make money doing real things? Not sham environmentalism or phony hedge-fund manipulation crap. Working men and woman can see those things not only don’t do the country much good – but when they fail, their friends in high places bail out their cronies with the working class’ hard-earned money.


So of course the average person eventually feels left out of the Capitalist experience!  Why wouldn’t they over a period of years, begin to grow a distrust of people who have it made? It’s perfectly natural – why is everyone so befuddled about it?

Everyone knows if was Democrats primarily, who set the table and were culpable in the 2008 housing and financial meltdown – but let me sum it up if I can:

1. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were the critical enablers of the mortgage crisis.. What? You mean – government meddling in the free market? That’s right. The free market – if left alone – would have corrected any bad loans made to folks who shouldn’t have been given mortgages in the first place..

wall 2But that’s not fair, Rodney Lee! Rich people get to own houses and poor people don’t?

Mmmm, yes – that’s correct.

But that’s racist! ‘Cause.. uh, … um. You’re a racist!

Wrong again, gulag-breath – and when government stepped in and forced bankers to make things “fair” with their insipid campaign slogans about “everyone should own a home” – it caused the housing and financial meltdown.

Everyone should not own a home – anymore than everyone should own a monkey, have an island off Florida, play hockey, watch birds or be a rock star.

In their zeal to buy the support of poor, minority and low-information voters – politicians relaxed the time-proven and market-tested precedents for mortgage lending, and provided tax-payer guarantees for $zillions in risky loans, derivatives and other shenanigans that would result.

2. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were the overwhelming holder of subprime loans and junky mortgage pools. Pack ’em up and they had a home at Fannie or Freddie – who cares if folks were qualified to pay or not? As long as real-state prices continued to rise – the trillions of dollars at stake were safe and I guess you know how this movie ends?

Remove the Community Reinvestment Act, Freddie, Fannie and just regulate banking laws and none of it happens. Period. Love saying that – it reminds me that I still have to get up in the morning and fight to have Obama and his enablers in the GOP thrown out on their asses. Period.

3. With the consequences of free-market forces lifted; corruption, racketeering, fraud, conspiracy and unbridled white collar criminal activity ensued in the housing, mortgage, insurance and financial sectors. Government meddling caused a a real estate boom. The mortgages were sold over and over again. Life was good.

The Democrat Party demonized anyone who would dare criticize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; the darlings of home ownership which liberals lied about and protected at every turn. All who even suggested these two government slush funds be investigated, audited or even have the slightest bit of reasonable oversight were fought tooth and nail by Democrats.

4. Then when the cheap lawn chair began folding,  the housing boom busted, followed by the financial meltdown. Politicians responded by bailing out the very people and institutions responsible for the chaos with taxpayer money. Lots of it and with no oversight.

wall 4To this day we have no clue where all that money went, but it’s clear that it left the treasury – along with $trillions in IOU’s. The biggest heist in the history of the world happened during that 2008 “economic crisis” and the thugs who pulled it off got away with it.

Every single one of them.

Of course none of this mafia-like activity with a scope of this magnitude could ever operate without cooperation from the government. It wasn’t so much the bundling of risk and the getting bailed out with your money – it’s that no one was ever held accountable for it.

When there was a chance to actually do something about the problem leading up to the crash, Republicans had the House, the Senate and George W. Bush in the White House. I know, I know – there was 9-11, but sorry, it’s no excuse. So whose fault was it? To use the vernacular; “what difference does it make?”

The media blamed it on us and since we at least a hand in it – and definitely did nothing to stop it during 2000-2005 – when Republicans had majorities in both Houses and the White House. By 2008, the press and the Maoist wannabes had their Perfect Storm Moment:  The election of an untested, unvetted, inexperienced, unqualified, former rabble-rouser with one-black parent and a TelePrompTer: Barack Obama.

I expect devious, incompetent and anti-American behavior on the part of Democrats in contemporary politics. After all, we’re not talking about Harry Truman, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, John F. Kennedy or even Tip O’Neil here – whom I believe if push came to shove – none would sell-out the country.

Make an honest study of people like Harry Reid, Luis Gutierrez, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and Hillary/Bill Clinton. Would you turn your back on them for a second? Leave your kids with them for the weekend? Not me. They literally would do or say anything if it were politically expedient.

When they talk it’s meaningless because their core values are flexible, negotiable and ready to evolve at the drop of a poll. That’s actually my sugar-coated version.

Government intervention in housing were whiny, liberal Democrat programs dreamed up to “give everyone a fair shot” but you can’t fool Mother Nature, folks. Somebody’s gotta pay. And that somebody was you, me and the next four or five generations if we’re lucky.

Democrats cry like little biotches about the rich, but because of them “helping the little guy” the very rich ended up with all the dough. And the houses. And the cabinet. Obama’s Cabinet, to be precise. One cursory glance at the members of Goldman Saks surrounding Barack’s Administration and it kind of explains itself. What a toad.

But Republicans are the real criminals because they’re supposed to be the good guys. Point being, I expect evil and I get it from the Democrats and Barack Obama. It’s consistent and a known quantity in that respect and I’ve always said I’d rather have an enemy that tells me the truth then a friend who lies to me. In other words – back to the GOP:

bushgopRather than cut spending, eliminating entire Federal agencies, passing a FAIR tax, dismantling the IRS, reforming Freddie, Fannie and focusing on the gorilla that everyone knew was sitting in the living room in 2000 through 2005 – what did Republicans do?

They became the most profligate spenders, taxers, regulators and warring Congress in the history of the Republic. Obama-Lite we can call them. Sure, Reid, Pelosi and eventually Obama came along and made Republicans look like only tipsy sailors, but up until then, Republicans were the worst in history at everything if given complete control.

2014 is the most important election of our lifetime – I really believe that. Six years into a failed presidency, $20 trillion in debt and a legacy of Imperialism that will only give the next man or woman the wrong ideas. That is Obama’s legacy and yet, what possible reason is there to believe it will get better under this brand of Republicans?

Republicans never learn from their mistakes and now they lie like rugs.

And these are the good guys. Yikes!



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