Been Raped? Here’s a Lollipop!

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I remember when our parents used to tell us not to take candy from scary-looking strangers:

The New York Times reports that over 300,000 illegal aliens from Central America have been caught and successfully delivered by various federal agencies to their relatives or friends, living in the U.S. …Obama has moved on from running guns to human trafficking? by Rodney Lee Conover

TO GO WITH AFP STORY: MEXICO-MIGRATION -Actually, I misquoted the Times because they call them “migrants” – not illegal aliens – and I corrected the mighty paper of record because the term “migrant” means someone who has immigrated to the U.S. and these folks don’t qualify, sorry. They entered the United States illegally. Period.

But what difference does it make, really?

What matters is that Obama has found them all a home, food, underwear, and a “temporary” permit to legally stay here. Mind you, these folks just journeyed thousands of miles from Central American crap-holes on “death trains,” stopping occasionally to be assaulted, shook down and raped by sociopaths who line the routes, preying on the vulnerable future Democrats.

Yet, Obama, Liberals, the media, Luis Gutierrez, Bob Beckel – all say these “refugees” will be returned to their countries as soon as they’re processed, but you can’t possibly believe that?

What are you, new? These 300,000 are here at the President’s pleasure and are only the first wave, trust me. This is tantamount to a massive home invasion – except it’s our country that’s being invaded and President Obama is calling the shots aboard GolfCart One..


However, the most disturbing image of the weekend so far is a video of Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (I suppose you could stop right there) talking about handing out lollipops to little Central American kids in detention centers during a visit to the Texas border.

How nice it must have been for the young girls to get some candy from one of their rapists’ enablers after having been sexually abused by filthy and vile pedophiles over the past few months? No talk of that from Ms. Sheila – but she did mention that she was not armed and did not fear for her life when visiting the children. Wtf?


Is it me, or every time she speaks are you looking around for Ashton Kutcher to see if the entire nation is being Punk’d? Ms. Jackson Lee (D-Tx) also said Border agents caring for them claimed the kids were the most “orderly” and “behaved” children they have ever encountered.

border girlI ask you Congresswoman, if you were one of those kids and you were in the presence of big people in charge wearing uniforms and guns – and you had just been beaten up, starved, raped, pillaged and who knows what else – would you be acting up?

It’s also known as being traumatized – but hey – a whole bunch of future constituents there. Ms. Lee, so it’s worth it – right? These children are being drawn here by the promise of a better life through American citizenship. End of story. Adults are even renting children because it’s well-known that those who accompany children are being let in and allowed to stay by this Administration.

Border Patrol Riverine Unit Rescues Child Stranded on Rio Grande
The good news is I’m going to protect you from any more violence.. The bad news is: You’re now a Democrat.

It’s the truth – President Obama is letting illegals stay and is actively seeking Amnesty. He acts with or without Congress and the torturing of these children en route to the U.S. are the consequences of those actions and the continued ignoring of U.S. immigration law. Anyone enabling Obama is complicit in these kids’ nightmare.

That means you, Sheila Jackson Lee – you’re doing nothing but encouraging more children to be dragged through the valley of the rapist to be maimed, killed, and torn apart physically and mentally. And for what – a few elections?

But the collateral damage in this #WarOnWoman is fine with Liberals. So a few thousand of you girls got gang-raped multiple times – you’re voting Democrat now – get used to it. Besides, we got abortion on-demand and free birth-control in our platform…

Here’s a sucker, kid..


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