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President Obama’s Scam to Keep the Border Invasion Going


President Obama is running a scam on the Illegal Alien Children “crisis” at the southern border.  We believe his goal is to overrun the nation’s ability to deal will illegal aliens and then he will take executive action to relieve the crisis because the racists in the GOP House are willing let the cute little kiddies starve.

First of all, he invited the invasion with the Deferred Action Childhood Act (DACA) where he unilaterally stopped immigration law enforcement for young people.  That action, and the administration’s widely publicized efforts ignoring all immigration law enforcement, was all that was needed to start the flood of “children” from Mexico and Central America.  The flood has turned into a tsunami with DHS relocating these illegal aliens to the interior of the country.

Cross the border illegally, turn yourself into a Border Patrol officer, receive housing, food, and medical treatment, be relocated to the interior, and be handed a summons to appear in federal court in 30 days. Ignore the summons, you’re home free.  It will be years, if ever, if you’re found and by then you can make the case that you’ve built “a life” here and should be allowed to stay.

In order to appear to be doing something to stop the tsunami, the President has demanded – he’s the President, he doesn’t ask or negotiate – from the Congress a mere $3.7 billion.  About half of that sum goes to HHS, same people running ObamaCare, for medical care for the illegal aliens.  It turns out that Mr. Obama is asking for all of the money now in a supplemental budget request and they’ll actually only be able to spend a couple of hundred million of that in the current fiscal year.  Many in Congress are reluctant to open the checkbook like that.

There’s also a second problem.  The President has been threatening to “do something” about immigration (amnesty) unilaterally if the Congress refuses to pass a “comprehensive reform” bill.  That won’t happen, at least this year.  Members of the House, and Jeff Sessions in the Senate are demanding the President disavow any intention to act unilaterally on immigration before they consider any money.

“Certainly, DACA and the President’s other numerous unlawful policies must be terminated,” Sessions wrote. “But as a first step, Congress must not acquiesce to spending more taxpayer dollars until the President unequivocally rescinds his threat of more illegal executive action.”

The Sessions letter comes ahead of an all-senators briefing on Wednesday on the Obama administration’s roughly $3.7 billion request for emergency supplemental appropriations to address the crisis at the border.

That’s not going over well at the White House.

Speaking at an informal press gaggle on Air Force One on Wednesday, White House deputy press secretary Eric Schultz indicated that the White House was uninterested in brokering a deal with Republicans over the immigration crisis.


The GOP-controlled House Appropriations Committee has yet to grant the [$3.7 billion] request, much to the consternation of the White House. “As I have said many times,” wrote Boehner, “the American people will not support providing additional money unless you work with both parties to address the causes of this tragedy.”


Schultz’s response, however, made just hours after the letter was issued, indicates that the White House isn’t willing to play ball. Referring Boehner to the original request for supplemental spending, Schultz said that before working on any reforms “first we need the resources.”

In other words, give us a blank check or else.  Republicans would be fools to give Obama a dollar based on any promise that Americans can keep their health plans he won’t act unilaterally.  There is no “good” result from this.



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