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President Obama to “go it alone” on Immigration Reform


Speaker Boehner told the President that no immigration legislation would go to the floor of the House this year. That caused President Obama to go into the only thing he really knows, full campaign mode. He called out Republicans with his usual rhetoric, and declared that he would “go it alone.” In other words, “the pen is mightier than the House.”

Kris Kobach is the Secretary of State of Kansas and is one of the preeminent people in the nation on the subject of immigration law. Here’s what he had to say about President Obama’s conduct.

In other words, the President is forcing law enforcement to not enforce the law. We hear constantly about how the “immigration system is broken.” We hear it from both sides of the aisle, from all Democrats and from idiots on our side of the aisle like John McCain and Jeff Flake. Well, we agree that the system is broken, however we would note that the broken part is the US government’s refusal to enforce the current immigration law.

Given the current mess at the border with unaccompanied minors flooding into the US, President Obama has announced that he will redirect immigration enforcement efforts away from the interior of the nation to the border states to try to stop the flood of illegals that has been coming from primarily Mexico and recently from Central America for well over a decade. All that means is that deportations will stop and nothing will happen at the border.


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