Paul Arnold: A Man, a Truck and an Idea to Stop Amnesty Goes Nationwide

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Paul Arnold is living proof that one man with an idea can make a difference.

paul arnold
Paul Arnold at his first protest against illegal immigration: A man, a truck and … that’s it – a man and his truck.

I spoke with him just a few weeks ago and he told me he wanted to do a nationwide protest against this crazy push for Amnesty and illegal immigration and instead of sitting around, pissing and moaning like most of us do – he just went out and did it.

Paul Arnold and The “National Days of Protest against Immigration Reform; Amnesty & the Illegal Immigration Surge,” was a massive success Friday and Saturday with over 400 protests around the nation – in EVERY STATE!!

Rhode Island originally had none scheduled, but I’m told there were protests connected to Paul’s brainchild on Saturday – including in Providence – and that made it all 57 states, including Alaska, Hawaii and those other seven that only Barack Obama knows about, apparently.

So congrats to Paul – push PLAY below:

Arnold and his “Make Them Listen” movement started the process and at least Breitbart was there – quoting Paul this weekend: “Americans nationwide have become outraged that proposed solutions to this crisis have centered upon granting amnesty to tens of thousands of unaccompanied adults and minors, all while U.S. unemployment rates continue to soar.”


I got out to several protests within a couple miles of me on Saturday in Southern California – including this one in Hesperia, CA on the Main Street / I15 overpass: Press PLAY:

Paul worked with dozens of anti-Amnesty and other groups it took to organize the whole thing all week. He did find time to call-in to “Conover U” – the wildly popular talk show on Thursday nights – to speak about the upcoming events. You can hear a replay of that broadcast below: Press PLAY:

Man, am I getting my face and name in this column a lot or what?

This is supposed to be all about Paul Arnold and here I am sticking my gratuitous promo in here, stealing his glory. Only Paul would appreciate that, because there were a lot of people on the Internet claiming this national protest was their baby – but make no mistake – it was one man’s idea, which grew into a massive network of groups and people all trying to send a message to the ruling class in Washington.

It proves the adage about one person making a difference, friendo. Also proves you can’t trust anyone on the Internet.. especially Craigslist when you’re looking for a date. I mean, come on – post a picture that was taken this century at least, okay? Man… But I digress..

paul drudge
Drudge Report linkage! Thanks Scott the Preacher! … Ooh – look – Angelina Jolie is going to direct Brad Pitt in a movie… wow – that will suck I bet.


Of course, the mainstream press did their best to ignore things, but when a local protest was linked to THE DRUDGE REPORT, even Fox News felt it had to at least mention it.

Painful for Fox after Rupert Murdock made it clear he’s for Amnesty, along with Sheldon Adelson, Jeb Bush, Warren Buffet, FBuckerBerg (see what I did there?), John Boehner, Bill Gates and just about everyone else who can $$gain from suppressed Middle-class wages.

If this were a Pro-Amnesty thing, and in a couple weeks, grew from one man standing defiantly on a truck to hundreds of events in all 50 states; they’d be talking about it like it was Selma all over again.

Case in point: In Birmingham, Alabama, Deanna Frankowski organized a protest on Saturday and was interviewed by an NPR reporter who predictably made it all about hating immigrants. Do these people ever get tired of being tired? Deanna did manage to get in that this orchestrated invasion is a national health crisis:

Click here to for interview with local protest coordinator Deanna Frankowski

But screw them anyway – NPR – what do they know? Of course they’re going along with the government’s position. Can’t bite the hand that feeds you. N.P.R. – Not Particularly Relevant..

Bottom line:

You have an idea? – get up off your ass and jam. You think the woman below would make a sign and walk out on and across a dangerous off-ramp (it was) and stand out in the 95 degree muggy heat in Hesperia, CA for three hours if Paul Arnold wasn’t there to give her a little encouragement?

I don’t know why everybody wasn’t out there. That’s the problem – everyone thinks someone else is going to do all the heavy lifting. There’s only so many Paul Arnold’s you know – so go to Pauls’ Facebook page and Like him.

Or at least say thanks.



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