Palestinian and Islamist “Day of Rage” Update

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Palestinians declared Friday to be a “Day of Rage.” While many people had trouble figuring out how this was different from any other day, here are some questions, answers and musings to this temper tantrum for the sake of temper tantrums.

Is the Palestinian Day of Rage based on the lunar or solar calendar? Can Gaza shoppers begin at sundown or midnight? Are discounts on rocket launchers not until the Jewish Sabbath or can they start rearming one day earlier during the Muslim holy day? Will the rage be televised or is this an event so typically boring that like a Barack Obama or John Kerry speech we can just read the transcripts?

Will there be a point to this rage, or will it be like a leftist rally where people are angry at anything and everything and just demand free stuff now without knowing why they want it?

Why are Palestinian children cared about “disproportionately” to children of every other people?

Are sexually repressed Palestinians still using tunnels to smuggle copies of “Debbie does the Gaza Strip?”

John Kerry said that “Violence breeds violence.” Wrong. Leftist idiocy breeds leftist idiocy, plus more violence.

The Palestinian Day of Rage is like Obama at a press conference when someone disagrees with him, except less metrosexual.

Palestinian rage rally demands include free contraception and rockets that do not increase climate change.

Palestinian called Friday a Day of Rage, or as we call it in America, community organizing.

Palestinian children were hurt during the Day of Rage. Once CNN leaves, Hamas will return the kids back to the prop department.


Palestinians are always complaining. Suicide bombers are so depressing. They really take the fun out of fundamentalism.

John Kerry traveled to Israel. In further news, a tree fell in the forest. It resembled Al Gore.

John Kerry met with Mahmoud Abbas and expressed jealousy at Abbas playing Inspector Clouseau. An angry Kerry insisted that one does not have to have a mustache to be a complete incompetent on the world stage. Kerry then tripped over a chair and accidentally detonated rockets toward Israel. Kerry then asked Israel to show restraint while Abbas gleefully tried on his new Pink Panther outfits.

Barack Obama issued tough words but united Israelis and Palestinians in agreeing that Obama is a cross between Peter Pan & Pajamaboy, except less masculine.

Obama’s FAA ordered flights to and from Israel canceled, claiming it was too dangerous. The FAA ordered no explanation as to why all flights in and out of Chicago and Detroit should be allowed.

Islamists are crazed. Christians have not faced such out of control rage since Elizabeth Warren & Sandra Fluke’s love child.

Islamists are attacking Christians with a fury not seen since Ron Paulers demanded more pot and ending the Federal Reserve.

Islamists are threatening Christians to convert or die. Who does ISIS think they are, climate change advocates?

Islamists are more crazed than my ex after she found out my Sunday men’s religious gathering involved nine hours of football.

(Telling her I would rather watch football than go to the “Museum of stuff nobody should ever care about” did not help matters.)

Since Hamas Islamists mate with donkeys, should liberals demand that donkeys get free contraception? The donkey is the Democrats symbol after all.

This concludes the Palestinian and Islamist Day of Rage report. Another Day of Rage is not elected until the next day and every day thereafter.


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