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ObamaCare: Good enough for government work


We’re old enough to remember the old saw, “good enough for government work.”  When we were just a kid, dad used that phrase frequently for a job half done or poorly done.  Thanks to the Obama administration, we get to see the reality of the phrase is still alive and well, and “government work’ hasn’t gotten any better.

Case in point is none other than [drum roll please]ObamaCare!

Minnesota’s Obamacare marketplace failed to tell 16,000 low-income applicants that their applications needed more information to apply for Medicaid, forcing them to languish for six months without coverage.

Customers who applied for Medicaid through the Obamacare exchange should have been sent notices asking for more information about whether they qualify for Medical Assistance, Minnesota’s form of Medicaid, but the letters were never sent, Pioneer Press reports.

Further information was necessary because MNsure is not yet able to automatically verify Medicaid eligibility.

Now let’s remember that the whole purpose of ObamaCare was to provide health insurance for poor people.  That’s why they rammed the national expansion of Medicaid down the throats of the States.  Well, they tried.  Actually, 24 states were smart enough not to fall for the “free money” gambit and they didn’t expand their Medicaid program.  Minnesota wasn’t one of them.

As you might guess, the bureaucrats in charge of MNSure are reacting exactly as you would think.

A spokesman for the state-run Obamacare exchange denied that the lapse was at all the Obamacare exchange’s fault, blaming the Medicaid program instead.

“It’s not MNsure’s job to send the notices,” said Joe Campbell, an exchange spokesman. “The jointly owned system generated the notices and sent them for processing, as has been the process in place for months.”

The $64 Question is, what political party would you think Joe Campbell belongs to?


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