Obama is Spreading the Wealth, Disease and Illegals Fairly

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300,000 illegals, mostly women and children from Central America caught here in the U.S., having entered illegally are now safe in a home with family or friends, courtesy of the Obama Administration and you, the taxpayer. That’s 300,000 since April!

border girlThey’ve been processed and flown to the city of their choice and are awaiting deportation, or “Amnesty” as Obama calls it.

If you’re wondering, immigration officials do not check if the relatives, friends or parents who pick up the children are themselves in the country legally, or if in fact they are who they say they are – beyond a spot interview.

I’m imagining that episode of M*A*S*H where Hawkeye asks a Korean farmer who comes into the hospital for help who he is:

Radar ENTERS hospital office with a LOCAL KOREAN man.

HAWKEYE: “What’s up, Radar?”

RADAR: “Indigenous personnel again, sir, requesting medical attention. That’s his I.D. card.”

[Hawkeye reads card]

HAWKEYE: “‘Kim Luck’? That’s the second one today.
(to Korean) Can you identify yourself?”

KOREAN: (smiling) “This is me!”

HAWKEYE: “This must be our Kim-Lucky day..”

mashOf course M*A*S*H was a comedy. This invasion being sold as a crisis to push an agenda is not.

These hundreds of thousands of people, the vast majority of which are women and children, are being bused and flown to their destination of choice on the taxpayer dime.

Reports of disease leaking out of the illegals camps ought to scare the crap out of you because Obama is essentially giving the green-light to spread contagions around the country by land, sea and air. This is like a bad movie – so bad, I’m surprised Dustin Hoffman isn’t in it.

A political offensive with little kids as weapons of mass destruction. Thousands of little raped and emotionally destroyed girls as collateral damage. But they don’t care – they just want Amnesty.

Familes and Children Held In U.S. Customs and Border Protection Processing Facility1,500 illegal aliens are crossing the Mexico-U.S. border each day and the Obama administration has done little, if anything, to stop the influx – so of course the message is getting back more strongly each day that it’s open season and open borders. If you can get your kid here – they can stay.

Who wouldn’t send there kid here? If Disneyland was open for free for a month – would the word get out and would it be overwhelmed?

If Harvard started letting people in with no qualifications – would more people just start going to classes? Of course. Look at Obama – he kinda took advantage of something similar to that, so perhaps he’s applying a bizzaro Affirmative-action for the entire country?

14-0703 - Immigration Crisis 300What we do know is while they’re giving a wink-wink to people streaming into this country, more and more children are being pushed, dragged, rented and forced into the journey – where they are abused, raped and killed along the way in the thousands. They should not be coming here – but Obama and all the enablers – media, libs, GOP establishment looking for their reason for Amnesty – are complicit.

Honestly, I don’t know who’s worse – the coyotes, the drug lords, the gangs, or the politicians. But I know who to blame: King VitaBama. Shut-up, I just invented that.

SOME LEGALESE: You can stop reading here, unless you’d like to get some background on why the hell these kids are coming from Central America and why we’re not just sending them back.

Also – why aren’t parents from Mexico or even Canada taking advantage of the situation and scooting their kids over the border for the free plane rides, lollipops and green cards? A quick primer is below, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Rodney Lee and USA TODAY:


A 2008 law passed Congress by unanimous consent and signed into law by George W. Bush dictates how children caught crossing the border without their parents must be treated: For kids coming from “contiguous countries” (Mehico and Canada, eh?) – a Border Patrol officer has the authority to turn them back, hand them over, whatever – and it’s pretty quick – unless they’re dangerous, committing a crime, etc.

For all other countries, after being caught, the child must be turned over within 72 hours to the Department of Health and Human Services to safeguard, find housing, a lawyer, child advocates who can explain the process of applying for asylum or other scams to stay in America – and can you blame them for wanting to. We rock!


Believe it or not, the law does not even require those children appear before an immigration judge, but supposedly they promise to do so. When President Obama, anyone from his Administration, the media, Democrats or anyone from the GOP establishment says these kids will all be processed and returned to their countries – they are lying to you. LYING TO YOU!

Sorry for yelling. Remember: Uncle Rodney loves you – and folks, that ain’t bad.



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