Obama Laughs When Offered Pot in Public [VIDEO]

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On a night out in Denver with Colorado Gov. Hinkenlooper, President Obama was approached by a man who offered the leader of the free world a hit of pot.

Question: What happened next:

14-0701 - Obama Bad Week 300A. Obama sternly reminded him he was breaking Federal Law.
B. The man was taken into custody and questioned
C. Several members of the President’s detail were fired for dereliction
D. The President laughed loudly and went on his way through the crowded Denver bar.


Play it again – the President gives the man a smile and a thumbs-up for something – we can’t see what – then the guy says, “you wanna hit this?” and Barack Obama just thinks that’s the funniest thing, man…

Yep – supposedly the guy who made the offer, posted it on Instagram:
Asked him if he wanted a hit of pot…he laughed!”

obama-marijuana-hbtv-hemp-beach-tvProps to “emperorloop” on Instagram where this first showed up:
“I wonder if secret service pulled the man over into Obamas suv for a low key hotbox”

Not sure what that means, but I get the gist. This is our President who enforces laws he likes and doesn’t enforce laws he doesn’t like.

President Obama is laughing at us. This is so wrong on so many levels I have to take a break and just leave it to other commentators from around the Internet:

“that was a clear YES. damn grown up responsibilities. Two more years “bama” – beaniegrl


What a great role model, maybe they could offer him some coke as well, I’m sure he would probably prefer that anyway. Between that and his chain smoking Newports, he is just a heck of an example for kids and young people. –


I’d suggest that that might be one of his problems, that he is constantly high, as he was during his first debate with Romney.
Empty empty chair. –


Smoke away Barry!! Your leadership can’t get any worse than it is now, so what the hell!! –


“No thanks, I’ve been stoned my entire Presidency.” –


main_news_obama-smoked-marijuana-in-high-schoolDo you have a take on this? I don’t care if you support marijuana legalization – that’s fine – it’s not what I have a problem with here. Let me know – have a voice.

In the meantime, I don’t want a country where people feel comfortable offering the President drugs. It’s a culture that’s bound for ruin. Thoughts?

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