Obama approval rate is 72%

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You read that right, 72% approve of the way the President Obama is doing his job.  You might find that shocking, but at least his approval rate is going in the right direction.  In January it was 77%.

No, we’re not crazy and we’ve not moved to Colorado to take advantage of legalized marijuana.  And we’re not impersonating Walter White.  We’re reporting the facts from the latest Gallup poll.  Don’t believe us?  See for yourself.

That’s right, amongst Muslims the President has a 72% approval rating, who’d have thought that would ever happen.

It’s also important to note that the proves that those who call themselves “Christian” in one form or another are racist.  The President retains good approval ratings amongst Jews, other non-Christians (whoever they are), and those who practice no religion.  President Obama should obviously stay out of Utah, those Mormons would likely lynch him and sell his daughters into some weird polygamous cult and let them be married off to some creepy old guy with a beard.  Michelle would be an indentured housekeeper at a Marriott Hotel someplace in the mountains.

On a serious note, we find it inconceivable that 55% of Jews could approve of the job that the President is doing.  Jews have a thousands of years tie to the State of Israel and President Obama is right up there with Hamas and Hezbollah in his hate for the Jewish state and his desire to see them ground into the dust.

Then there’s Catholics.  The President carried the 54% Catholic vote in 2008 and 52% in 2012.  We’ll give them a pass on 2008, they were dumb enough to buy into the ObamaLie.  But 2012?  By then they had proof positive he was an enemy of the faith, just as the Little Sisters of the Poor.

We gave up trying to believe that “the faithful” pay any attention at all to current events or have any clue whatsoever about their own best interest or the interest of the nation.  If you try to rationalize it, it’s just a depressing exercise.

We may not be able to rationalize the opinion of the faithful, but we can certainly understand President Obama’s approval rating amongst Muslims.  His serving, and has served, their cause.  The only group of people we could imagine who have a similar high approval for him would be blacks, for the obvious reason – although we’re pretty sure they only like half of him – and illegal aliens.

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