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New York Times Declares War on Christians and Muslims


That’s right, the so-called “paper of record” is declaring war on people of faith, especially practicing Christians and Muslims.  We never thought we’d find ourselves in the same canoe with followers of Mohammed, may he rot in hell, but here we are.

Here’s New York Times writer Josh Barro.

“…we need to stamp them out, ruthlessly.”  Got that?  “Ruthlessly.”

This comes from the so-called “tolerant left,” the same people who demand that everyone be heard and that everyone be at the table.  Everyone, that is, who agrees with them.  You can bet your bottom dollar that every college campus will be taking up this crusade as well.

The gay mafia on the left is already taking Christian bakers to court to force them to bake wedding cakes, and they’re doing it in places with dozens, if not hundreds, of bakers who would be happy to accommodate them.  They’re forcing their agenda on the US military, first it was the demise of “don’t ask, don’t tell” and now the gay mafia is forcing the issue of transsexuals in combat.

We want to be clear.  Today’s left has fully reverted to their fascist roots.  Don’t let anybody tell you that fascism is a “right wing” ideology, it’s not.  It is, and always has been, an ideology of the far left.

Sound familiar.  “Ruled by a dictator who controls the lives of the people.”  That’s the perfect definition of today’s Democratic Party and in particular the Obama administration.  They know exactly what kind of health insurance you need and who your doctor should be.  They know best what your diet should be and will go out of their way to impose their idea of a menu on your local school district.  They just know that every employer should buy birth control and abortion for their employees, without regard to the values of the employer.

This fascist administration even knows what and how your children should be taught in their government run reeducation camps schools.

Oh, and never forget these are the same people who want to take your guns away from you.  We wonder why they’d want to do that?



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