Never Waste a Crisis: Illegal Immigration Edition

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[dropcap type=”3″]P[/dropcap]President Obama’s fundamental governing philosophy seems to be “Never let a crisis go to waste.”  That was Rahm Emmanuel’s statement in the first year of Obama’s presidency and it seems the President has never wavered from that concept.

Have you noticed, for the last six years everything is a crisis.  Especially after 2010 when Republicans took the House, and the only way President Obama could jam his agenda down the throats implement his agenda was by “Executive Order.”  Illegal immigration is our latest “crisis.”

Illegal-immigrantsAs it happens, illegal immigration really is a crisis.

The problem, however, is twofold.  First, the crisis is for our nation, not for the illegal aliens who are flooding over our southern border.

Second, the crisis has been, and is being, manufactured by the Obama administration.

…the administration put out an ad in January 2014 asking for contractors to handle an influx of 65,000 children. … [Republican Representative Jeff] Sessions [R-AL] said the advertisement showed that the administration knew the surge would happen.” And in reality, the 60,000 children represent only about 20 percent of the total illegal immigrants who have come into this country since April.

As a side note, remember that amnesty supporters keep talking about 11 million illegal aliens.  Given the border flood over past several years, we’re pretty sure that number could easily be approaching 15 to 20 million.

We keep hearing that violence in Central America is what’s driving the illegals to pass through Mexico and illegally come to the US.

The report [from the DEA DHS El Paso Intelligence Center] states, “Of the 230 total migrants interviewed, 219 cited the primary reason for migrating to the United States was the perception of U.S. immigration laws granting free passes or permisos…” In other words, it isn’t, as the administration and its allies in the media argue, an uptick in violence back home in Central America that is driving this wave of illegal immigrants into this country.

And, as we reported last week, DHS is advertising for foster homes for these illegal alien “children” and they’re paying over $6,000 per month per “child” to house them.  We’re sure this is just part of the plan to spread these illegal aliens all over the US and eventually lose track of them until it’s finally time for amnesty.  By the way, we’re using scare quotes around “children” because the agency looking for foster homes hadn’t seen any children under the age of 16.


We believe that this current crisis is nothing more than the President setting the stage for unilateral action by executive order or Federal agencies simply refusing to enforce the law.  Need more proof?

“In the days leading up to the Rose Garden speech, there were discussions in the West Wing about the impact that the border crisis might have on the president’s promise to use his executive authority.” Ultimately, the President’s advisers decided that the border crisis represented a “considerable public relations problem” but that it should not stop the President from proposing further executive action.

Details of the coming executive actions are still under wraps but the Times reports the move will be, “consistent with the administration’s efforts to move away from deporting unauthorized immigrants who have been in the country for years.” The previous effort was the President’s declaration of deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA) which he announced in June 2012.

For starters, look for a serious expansion of DACA to include the unaccompanied alien children, followed by moves to insure that aliens who’ve been given 30 day bench appearance notices (that would be all of them) don’t have to worry when they don’t make an appearance.

If we ever have a President and Congress who are willing to enforce immigration law, the Obama administration and their enablers like John McCain and Jeff Flake are creating a situation where it will be virtually impossible to find the illegals, let alone deport them.

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