MTV: Calling All Virgins, Lose Your Virginity Here, No Waiting

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MTV is interested in the sexual health of American youth. Really? They’re not just trying to make a profitable TV show with a controversial topic?

virginI remain skeptical. Especially when MTV itself says of their newest reality show, ‘Virgin Territory’:

Some of them [cast members] are hanging on to their virginity and others are desperately trying to lose it.

For the latter, MTV is acting like the Make a Wish Foundation, giving the motivated young persons opportunity to surrender their V-cards.mtv

The  show follows 15 young adults who, for various reasons, are still virgins. During the course of the series, at least some of those featured will lose their virginity. Wow. This takes voyeurism to a new level.

Personally, I see the wisdom in abstaining until marriage. Not because sex is dirty or wrong, precisely the opposite. Because it’s profoundly special and losing your virginity is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion–literally.

It’s like having a fabulously valuable heirloom. You want to pass it on to someone . . . someone who will treasure it, safeguard it, contribute to its longevity; not toss it to the first pair of grabby hands who wants it.

Only it’s not an object. Virginity is a state of being that is tied up with self-worth. All the more reason to be selective about who, when and where you relinquish possession of it.

It won’t surprise me if  some of the cast members follow their appearance on ‘Virgin Territory’ with a consultation with Dr. Phil–on TV. None of them would dare call Dr. Laura after gaining fame from having desperate first-time sex publicized on television to 387 million households worldwide. They won’t want to hear what she has to say. Besides, there’s no face time on a radio program. No chance to be discovered as the next Hollywood superstar.

I’m not the only skeptic. Melissa Henson, director of the Parents Television Council also has doubts about MTV’s interest in youth sex.


She tells Fox News that, “Based on the way it’s being advertised — and let’s face it based on MTV’s history with their programming — we’re not anticipating that they are going to treat the subject [of virginity] respectfully,” she said.

Maybe MTV needs some new stars for their other reality show ’16 and Pregnant’. What better way to fill roles than feed the pipeline with pre-screened talent–a 2-fer-1 deal. In a flashback episode they could re-enact the audition process, calling the episode “Pimping Virgins for Profit.” That’d be great.

THBby T.M. Burroughs

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