MSNBC Actually Asks Obama Admin a Tough Question (Video)

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Watch this rambling White House official with her insipid thumb-pointing, vapid, evasive talking points and completely incoherent answers when Alex Wagner of MSNBC grills her about Obama not visiting the border. Scroll down for the video.

Alex Wagner on the left and an open borders, former La Raza official, now White House official on the right. Don’t take my word for it – scroll down and puke for yourself.

When MSNBC, a network who would gargle with Obama’s spent toilet water just to worship at the hem of Dear Leader’s garment, begins to get just the slightest bit pissy over some extremist named Cecilia Munoz, who believe me – wants this country back for the Aztecs – it’s time to own up to the truth:

This border invasion is Cloward-Piven, Marxist, anti-American and well-planned, intentional destruction of this country. Period.

Tell me you don’t want to reach in and slap the nostrils off of her? What’s with the thumb thing? Who taught her that – Dukakis? She’s so full of Shiite – you know she’s lying every time she opens her pie hole.

I see where several high-profile columnists and papers are finally coming around to the Cloward-Piven conclusion about this President. Wow – that only took five or six years. We’ve been on it for a while, my friends.

That’s why it’s important to come to JoeForAmerica first thing everyday – don’t wait for a Facebook posting. There’s something cutting edge every morning, noon and night. And something funny at 3 in the morning. Trust me – I put it there.

Anywhoozer – I can’t say we’re winning just yet – because these frickin’ Republicans are worse than the libs now. At least I know Democrats are trying to defeat us. These Republicans talk about it behind our backs, then join the libs in the war against conservatives.

BL? I’d rather have an enemy who I know where they stand, than a “Friend” who lies to me.


la_raza-protest-signBy the way, Munoz is the “White House Domestic Policy Council Director.” What is that you say? Well.. have you ever heard of “La Raza”?

They’re a militant, far-left racial power organization which funds extremists and supports illegal immigration as a way of obtaining political power.

One of their goals is to take back land from the United States they feel belongs to Mexico.

The National Council of La Raza has someone on the inside now: Their former senior vice president, Cecilia Munoz, was named Barack Obama’s White House director of intergovernmental affairs early in his administration. She’s now the “White House Domestic Policy Council Director.”

Do you think she has America’s best interest in mind?




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