Montel’s VA Surge. OORAH!

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Oorah! Graphic # 1Montel Williams, talk show host, TV personality and former Marine, recently appeared on the Glenn Beck program to share a common-sense solution to the VA healthcare debacle. Montel commented, “There are 50,000 children (to date) that came across the border illegally. We’re opening up DOD (Department of Defense) facilities to triage them. These are refugees. We should help them. But, how dare we let them go to a DOD facility before we let our own people . . . those who fight for our lives . . . do the same thing?”

Does Montel have a point? Is America obligated to care for and absorb 80 to 90,000 illegal alien children into our culture at the expense of our own? Every single one of our heroic vets waiting for medical care is somebody’s child. Every single one of them has put his/her life at risk for us.

Montel urges Americans to support a straightforward plan that could clear the backlog of veterans waiting for care. “President Obama can act, without Congress, and order each branch of the service that has allowed corpsmen to go off active duty and into the reserve, to bring them back on temporary active duty.” He continues: “They could man every VA hospital, and also the hospitals on military bases, with the mission of clearing the entire backlog in 90 days.”Oorah! Graphic #2

Montel explained how Obama, as Commander in Chief, could make the call “today” and tap into the skills of thousands of off-duty corpsmen (“corpse” men in Obama-speak).

Montel explained that in 90 days, we would have gained understanding about the actual cost (present and future) of fulfilling our promises and debt to our veterans. He added, “We have to do this.”

Is anyone in Washington listening? Does America’s procrastinating and feckless Commander-in-Chief have a clue about the need to take immediate action to treat our sick and wounded veterans? Who knows? By all appearances, he’s terribly, terribly, terribly busy ignoring America’s failing economy, Iraq’s disintegration, and escalating Mid-East chaos as he spews tons of carbon (from Air Force One and support aircraft) as he flits hither and yon to promote the dangers of climate change.

What about Congressional action. Anything happening on that front? Yes and no.

The Senate has spawned an unlikely alliance between lib-tard Bernie Sanders and Republican Progressive, John McCain, who cobbled together a bill that I’ve labeled “Mc-Sanders” that is supposed to offer veterans assistance in obtaining healthcare. Unfortunately, the costly program doesn’t really help our vets.

The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) estimated an initial cost of $500 million for construction of additional VA healthcare facilities and to support a voucher program called, “choice cards.” This would allow vets to seek medical care outside of the VA system.

(Just in case you forgot, these are the same CBO bean counters who assured us that Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act would save money, and become a blessing for America. Same deal here, just different players. When presented with additional specifics, the CBO revised the cost to $35 BILLION dollars by 2016.)


Does this ballooning expenditure actually help our veterans? Probably not. Based on prior experience ($700 BILLION dollars siphoned from Medicare to pay for Obamacare), the money allocated for veteran medical care will be diverted to illegal aliens (or some other Obama pet project).

Will the re-distribution of $35 BILLION of our tax dollars become a blessing for America? Certainly so, if you’re referring to Central America.Oorah! Graphic #3

But, (and wouldn’t you know it), there’s an elephant-in-the-room. The Mc-Sanders’ program holds down costs by limiting the use of choice cards. Veterans with choice cards can only receive care from Medicare providers, the Department of Defense, Indian Health Services, and federally qualified health centers (code words for overcrowded facilities that provide preventive care to the uninsured and low-income patients).

Say what? Will this help our veterans obtain quality medical services? NO!

Increasing numbers of doctors are turning away Medicare patients because they can’t afford to accept the low reimbursement rates. Therefore, in order to accommodate hundreds and thousands of VA patients, doctors who continue to accept Medicare will be forced to diminish patient time, or will be forced to turn VA escapees over to Physician Assistants for evaluation.

Plus, before a choice-card-carrying veteran actually spends five minutes with a doctor, they‘ll wait long hours in overcrowded hospitals and/or waiting rooms overflowing with seniors, the poor, and of course, illegal aliens infected with highly contagious diseases like scabies, lice, measles, chicken pox, and tuberculosis.

Take a number. Sit down. Shut up. Wait your turn! Do our vets deserve the McSanders’ program. NO, they deserve better.

 If America’s wounded warriors fought for freedom with the same passion
as the VA fights to avoid responsibility for their care,
would we be speaking German, Japanese, or Korean?

Plus, and here’s the second elephant in the room. Rules/regulations haven’t been developed . . . yet. Is that business as usual or what? Like everything taken over or undertaken by Uncle Scam, the Mc-Sanders’ bill seems destined to evolve into law in a typical four-step program.

ONE, lie about the cost.

TWO, establish convoluted and disingenuous rules (or write them as you go along).

THREE, promise more but deliver less.

FOUR, assign overpaid and under-skilled bureaucrats to perform their usual piss-poor implementation.

(Haven’t we already been here with Obamacare? How’s that working out for millions of We-the-People? Lost our doctors. Lost our insurance plans. Lost premiums we could afford. Lost our full-time jobs. Lost quality medical care for our families. Lost trust in the government, especially Obama.)

So, what can you do to help America’s veterans in their time of need?

Fire up your passion (instead of your anger) and watch Montel’s emotional appearance on Glenn Beck’s program.Oorah! Graphic #4

Send Montel a tweet of support@Montel_Williams

Appeal to Obama’s giant ego and desperate quest for a meaningful legacy. Suggest he take a meaningful step to help our veterans by launching a VA surge. Then sign the petition.

Of, if you think it’s more effective, demand Obama get his fanny off Air Force One and into his oval office chair and call up off-duty corpsmen to launch a VA Surge. Then, sign the petition.

Most important, enlist your friends and neighbors to support America’s brave warriors. Talk and tweet it out across the land. Do it now! OORAH!

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