Michelle’s Nutrition Advisor Stuffed in the Freezer

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So to speak.  Sam Kass is the Obama administration’s senior policy advisor for nutrition policy.  In other words, Michelle’s meal planner for school lunches.  He’s not a popular guy in school lunch circles.

Sam Kass … will not have the opportunity to speak at the School Nutrition Association’s convention in Boston this week …

the organization — which represents school districts in every state — denied the celebrity chef’s request to “rally the troops” on nutrition standards.

Kass attended the School Nutrition Association’s convention in Denver in 2012. However, since teaming up with Michelle Obama to push for major school meal reforms, his relationship with cafeteria professionals has greatly soured.

Who could have thought that could happen?

Michelle has put a tremendous amount of work into healthy school lunches.  The problem with her healthy lunch program is that it piggy backed on the other really successful Obama administration program launch, ObamaCare.

As part of her aggressive campaign to fight childhood obesity, the first lady has endorsed legislation that requires school cafeterias to serve more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Such strict federal regulations have put quite a financial squeeze on schools, though.

The School Nutrition Association has already asked Congress for regulatory relief because many students are refusing to eat the healthy yet less tasty meal options, causing schools to waste money and food.

Again, who could have thought that could happen?

Soviet-era central planners must quaking with laughter in their graves.  Never fear though, the Obama administration will make health lunches work.  They just need more money.  Cut the military budget.

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