Mexicans Storm the Southern Border [Video]

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“No wonder Obama didn’t go to the border, and decided to fist bump a gay guy at an Austin, TX BBQ joint. The border is no place for a metro-sexual who’s only weapon is a 9-iron..”

14-0619 - Obama Golf 300OH! BAMA!

Author, speaker, pundit, talk show host and resident troublemaker Kevin Jackson is at it again – holding the Obama Administration and all those who seek to destroy America’s feet to the fire..

What’s with all the Central American Country news at the border when in fact, while Obama chomped on a rib and downed a “brewski,” hundreds of Mexicans rioted at the southern border of the United States and rushed the guards.

AMAZINGLY – The rioters themselves documented this video: CLICK HERE

14-0711 - Obama Celerating 300

Watch the video, read the whole story and more at:


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