Hamas Men Have Teeny Weenie Penises and Here’s the Proof:

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Yesterday, we published a post about the Israeli Defense Forces and specifically about their women warriors and the women who love the IDF. A new Facebook page went up called StandingWithIDF and it was full of support for the IDF in their latest battle with Islamic terrorists.

The ladies showed their support like this.

I love the IDF

Facebook, in their Progressive wisdom, has seen fit to take down StandWithIDF, without comment. While we’ll never know for sure why the page was taken down, Facebook is always mum that stuff, because all content posted on Facebook becomes and remains their property. They can do whatsoever they want, it is private property, and their private property. We’ve filed a formal complaint about the page coming down, but we doubt they care about our opinion.

We’re surprised that they haven’t taken down IDF Women of Israel, but frankly the pictures there, while great, don’t have the same morale raising quality.

We find it interesting that the supposedly macho Hamas terrorists, who love to be seen with their guns and bombs hanging out…

…are getting their collective asses kicked by an Army that looks like this…

We’re pretty sure the Facebook page was taken down because it was found to be offensive to people who think women should look like this.

It could also account for the fact that it appears that Hamas’ morale and will to fight have gone to Hell in a handbasket. It’s our guess that they’re hoping the “72 virgins” they’re supposed to get are going to be ladies from the IDF. Only problem is, we’re pretty sure the ladies serving with the IDF have much better taste.

So for all you Muslim warriors out there, sorry about your penis…

Keep kicking ass girls, if you need help, we could muster up a platoon of women Marines to help you.

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