Loch Ness Monster Found [VIDEO]

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LochNessFaultSorry about that Loch Ness Monster thing, but please, let me explain.

I watched the video below and I thought to myself, “self, this is Loch Ness Monster insane!” Insane to the point that people tell you stories, but you just pass it off and think to yourself, “Maybe its true, but this is probably BS’.”  But here it is in your face… Maybe you have seen it before, but, oh never mind, just watch it…

So do you thinks she made the news because she’s the only person in this situation, or is she just one of many? To this question, Carol Van Sickle responds:

It is not isolated. The proof is in the fact, I believe, when we look at the Obama phones, promises (broken mostly) and all the people who voted for him, they didn’t want to lose their payments for their kids.

The bad news is that if Carol is correct, and I think she probably is, there is about a 51% increase of  cases like this since Obama took office.

I wanted to know more about this story and in the comments on Facebook, Ronald E. Adolph Jr. , says:

There’s more to this story. The video you are viewing is over 2 years old. I think she lost all 12 youngest kids to the state. 

Ronald links to this following ten an half minute video that brings us up to date:

So it looks like she got what she wanted.  Someone, probably us, are taking care of her kids. To her, it seems we are the 1%.

After seeing all this, pondering it, and seeing some of the comments, perhaps I can appreciate Russell Garcia‘s comment the most:

This is a joke. Right?

About the title… if some said there was a woman with 15 kids, living in a hotel room screaming on the TV that someone other than her needs to take responsibility for feeding and sheltering her children…well, I’d say, “Yeah sure, and they found the Loch Ness Monster too!”

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