Why Liberals are Unemployable:

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Not that you’d want one hanging around your place of business necessarily anyway but there’s more than one reason liberals are unemployable.

blacksphere-logo-home2The always affable, crazy, poignant and sometimes downright hysterical Kevin Jackson saw something on TV he wanted me to share with you…

One of those “Things That Make You Go Hmmm, I Can’t Stand Liberals”…


There are lots of hints about how to interview for jobs and how to handle negotiations, and I’m convinced these are written for Liberals.

An employer knows that if he or she hires a Liberal, they are in for a world of trouble. Liberals are self-indulgent jerks in their personal and work lives. They don’t appreciate opportunity.

The first question a Liberal asks during an interview is…

for the answer and to see some special kind of stupid on TV, click HERE to continue reading..

In the meantime, unemployment will continue to rise, as Liberals continue to breed and raise other Liberals. The only thing saving America is Conservatives.

Stop hiring Liberals.

I have said this before – liberals pass “anti-discrimination” & “equality” laws as that is the only way they can get and keep a job! If an employer fires a liberal for incompetence, laziness, no-showing, etc. the liberal will turn around and sue claiming they were fired because they are “a woman”, “gay”, “black”, etc. The fact that the employer may have records showing that said person was late to work & left early, or screwed up customer orders numerous times, etc. doesn’t matter in today’s world where personal responsibility is no longer a requirement.
— soccer czarina

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