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Liberal law professor sets the record straight on June for Obama


Jonathan Turley is a left of center law professor, but is very highly regarded on the right side of aisle because he’s well grounded in his arguments and he’s also well grounded in reality. The White House spin on the last 10 days of Supreme Court decisions sounds like this.

Let’s get one thing clear, women are not being denied the right to anything. What the Supreme Court ruled is that women don’t have the right to have other people pay for things that run counter to their values, specifically the value of an unborn human life. We all know that being able to murder the unborn is considered a sacrosanct right by the left, and that knowing when life begins is well above President Obama’s pay grade. We’ve also discovered that pretty much everything is above Obama’s pay grade, but that’s a topic for a different post.

At any rate, while the White House is pounding the table and using the Supreme Court decisions for the only thing they really do well, campaigning, let’s step back into the real world and listen to what Johnathan Turley has to say about the last 10 days.

In violation of the 4th Amendment, the Separation of Powers, and the 1st Amendment. That is reality. The Constitutional Lawyer in the White House has now been called out and there are more cases pending. Let’s see if SCOTUS calls him out on the rest of the Bill of Rights.

Incidentally, the “Constitutional Lawyer in the White House” was not a constitutional lawyer. He was a adjunct lecturer. The University of Chicago had his number, the guy was the Editor of the Harvard Law Review – a very lofty position coming out of one of the most highly rated law schools in the nation – and not only couldn’t he find a job in BigLaw, he couldn’t even get a tenure track position at a second rate law school. Too bad somebody didn’t look into that.


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